How I got started blogging

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When people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up (besides my Dolphin trainer dreams), I knew I loved fashion, interior design, creative writing, and being in front of the camera, but mainly I just knew I wanted to make a lot of money to support my love of dressing up for each occasion (even if it was just High School English class at the moment). I knew I wanted to be independent and able to afford the house of my dreams, and when I found a love of travel, it needed to be in style of course. Isn’t half the fun of a vacation shopping for the outfits you plan to wear on the trip (you can’t tell me I’m the only one here ladies)?

Well I ended up doing just that as a Medical Sales rep and don’t get me wrong I love what I do and the specialty I serve, but there are many layers to my identity, what makes me fulfilled and unique. Back then, I chose to appreciate the guidance of my parents and took the sure and safe route to my destiny to a rewarding and lucrative career in medical sales by getting my College degree. Now College and my parents guidance are two things I appreciate very much and wouldn’t trade the experience of for the world, however I wish there had been more light shed on the career opportunities that would exist in the digital space at that time, and that following your heart and passions could lead you to the same end point or goal. Fast forward and here we are.

Older generations still don’t understand it, oh but we do. The on-line social space I strongly believe is the future of many careers. It’s already where companies are spending their dollars advertising, and working with social media Influencers is an ever-growing field with brands spending continuing to increase into the billions in the space. Think about the last time you decided to purchase something on-line? It was probably a purchase decision evoked by something you saw on Instagram or Facebook. The good news? With many unique to you brands, and an undeniably growing space (albeit saturated to an extent), I still believe there’s room for us all.

I started blogging almost three years ago now when my husband also broke into medical sales and was spending a lot of time traveling for work. I had time to fill and I needed it fulfilled as I’m a go getter, busy bee, type A personality. I started it as a creative outlet honestly not sure where it would go but I loved it so I didn’t care. I still love it like crazy.

I love being able to share in life’s joys and challenges with you in hopes of building a strong community of women where we can build each other up. Each day when things seem overwhelming or hard, I remember I am living a life on purpose doing what I love. I love inspiring you to feel confident in the way you look by dressing for each role we play as women in this era of 2019, and helping you find the perfect outfit for that special occasion, whatever it may be. If I can create content that inspires you to feel beautiful, take on that home project, do what you love, go on that much needed vacation, and live your best life, then that’s a win in my books! Even though at times its scary for me to be vulnerable in sharing my world, the desire for you to know you can relate to me and many other strong independent women here, supersedes that fear.

So how do you actually tangibly get started building your squad you may still be asking? Notice I say squad, versus building a blog, because in actuality that’s what you are doing. You’re building a safe place to grow and nourish a community of like minded women who will come to you for advice- whether it be beauty, fashion, travel, photography, or life inspo. Because we all go through some real world sh** in this life and I want you to know I feel your pain. More importantly, I’ve got your back. I’ve been there too, despite a carefully and beautifully curated Instagram profile made for your viewing enjoyment. When you come here, you leave feeling inspired and connected (or at least I hope you do).

So if you’re thinking about starting your own blog, because I want you to be successful too, I highly recommend knowing your purpose and your why. What are you bringing to the table for your girl tribe that’s different? I’m going to be really, really real for a second y’all. I can NOT stand when I see someone missing out on their full potential by aimlessly posting a bunch of stuff and clothes to show off what they have and what you don’t-desperate for a sale and to be “liked”. It’s so transparent in my opinion when someone is sadly doing that in order to make them feel above others. It’s so transparently self serving.

Ok don’t want to dwell there, so point made. Know I’ve made these similar type mistakes before too which is why I’m writing to you. Know you’re why and do it for the right reason. Next up, know your strengths and your weaknesses better. Get help with your weaknesses. I can’t stress this enough and is something I am still working through. Delegating is no easy task (even on topics of weakness) for a control freak like myself. Yes ladies, just admitted to that too. For example I had no tech or coding experience or desire to build my website. I invested in someone to do that for me, and I’m pretty positive it turned out way better that way!

I also knew nothing about photography. I just loved being dressed up and in front of the camera!! Fortunately my husband was willing to learn it and a long the way from him watching you tube videos and courses and experimenting, I also learned and ended up falling in love with photography. I also connected with an old sorority sister (Katelynn Carlson) initially who was a professional wedding photographer at the time and she really helped me get my start. Since then I have been working with another amazing photographer and digital marketing specialist, Carolina Montes. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to new boundaries and creativity. I’m glad y’all have really been enjoying our hard work!

That all being said, use your contacts and network. Google things, research, take a photography class, and invest in yourself. For me the fear of failing has always been outweighed by the desire to succeed at doing what I love.

Once you have your vision, know your why, and hire people to tangibly put together what you’ve been dreaming of, its time to make sure you have a great support system (easier said than done) and realize its going to be a lot of work and also really rewarding at the same time. Realize it won’t always be sunshine and roses, and that I still am learning every single day. At the end of the day, connecting here with you, hearing your gratefulness for the inspo I’ve provided, makes it all worth it.

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