Farewell a Tribute to Orlando

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Farewell Orlando

Never did I think I would have such mixed emotions leaving this town as I do today. Carolina, of Montes Digital Consulting captured these emotions beautifully while taking these pictures in front of one of Orlando’s infamously colorful wall murals. I moved to Orlando in 2006 from the Tampa suburbs to go to UCF with one of my best friends from high school. Little did I know Orlando would become my home for the next 13 years!

Orlando has brought so much to my life. It’s brought me new beginnings, crippling heartbreak, everlasting friendships, moments of success, and moments of sadness. From finally having the strength to leave my first love, to meeting the love of my life, the town of Orlando has truly been the experience of one of the roller coasters this Theme Park City is in no shortage of.

Most recently though in times of doubt and feelings of being at a crossroad, it’s brought me clarity. As bitter sweet as goodbyes typically are, I can’t ignore the feeling of being on the right path, and boy does it feel like a relief. Mark and I have been longing for change and change of season and we’re finally about to embark on that adventure. Snow tires and all in North Carolina. My heart is full of joy and love as we begin this new chapter.

With a blossoming blog, a passion for sharing hair care tips, and helping individuals with mental health concerns achieve mental wellness, I know I am following my heart in creating my dream destiny. I encourage you all to do the same early in the year. I can’t wait to spend more time with our little family experiencing new activities together. May you follow even your wildest dreams my loves.

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