How I Plan My Styled Shoots

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Styled shoots are so much fun for me to daydream, plan, style, shoot and then see the final product come to life. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about creating content (although the actual set up does stress me out sometimes). I often get questions on how far in advance I plan styled shoots and how the whole process works to come together to what you end up seeing in my blog and feed, so I thought today I would walk you through some brief step by step ways I’ve experienced planning a styled shoot! So all my blogger, photography, and pinterest obsessed friends, if you’ve ever wondered how the magic happens, this one is especially for you!

Today’s images took place at Dewberry Farms and was much more simple and less complicated as it was not a sponsored, paid collaboration and only involved me. This was something I just dreamed up and was inspired by the Draper James dress and feel of it to shoot on a southern farm with a horse. Plus I love horses, and this guy, Shaker, is a Palomino…which was my dream horse growing up! He’s so pretty!

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Ok, so the important stuff. It happens a bit differently every time. So enjoy the planning and madness of it all. For me the daydream and vision of what I want to do is pretty much my favorite part, besides shooting and seeing it come to life. That is all an amazing feeling too, because honestly it’s a lot of hard work too.

So I start with dreaming of something inspiring. Am I inspired by a song I’ve never heard before while driving? Or maybe I’m inspired by a new product launch or dress that just came out that I’d love to style in a picturesque setting. Deeper than that though, it starts around what I want my message to be. For example, do I want to inspire you to throw the Summer Garden Party you’ve been dreaming of doing for years now and just can’t seem to find the time or confidence to pull it off? Or do I want to inspire you to try a new fashion or color maybe. Start there and use that vision of inspiration to inspire others and plan around that.

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I typically like to plan months in advance. For example I’m already planning my Holiday and finalizing my end of year content and I started planning Fall content back in July! This honestly works great for my organized, type A, creative personality on a professional level for what I do, but when it comes to my life it’s sometimes a struggle because it’s hard to be in the moment. When one trip is over, I’m already daydreaming of and planning the next, when I accomplish one thing, I’m thinking of the next goal, etc. You get the picture! I’m always personally working to be better at this, while realizing it’s this part of me that helps me remain successful and organized.

Reach out to any vendors and the site location with plenty of time to ensure the venue and vendors are available. I’ve learned the hard way on this one before. Enough said! Once you know those parties are available and interested in the concept you’ve pitched to them, I then will reach out to the brand(s) I want to work with to style the shoot and pitch the whole idea to them while keeping it short and sweet (because these people get a thousand emails a day and don’t have time for the life story lol).

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Other times though, a brand has reached out to me for something they are working on and if it fits with my overall aesthetic, community, style and time-line then that will be the beginning of the inspiration. I’ll build my plan for styling things from there.

If you’re working on the campaign with other bloggers/content creators then you may want to start a group text thread, email chain and secret pinterest board for inspiration and so everyone can communicate and is on the same page. I’ve been doing more of these collaborations lately and I am just loving the developing friendships and fun with like minded ladies! Plus it’s nice to come together on something and support each other. Anyways, I hope this has been helpful and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other thoughts or questions! Outfit details from this shoot are linked below for you.

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*Wearing a size 2 so size up one in dress

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