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Yes, just like the Taylor Swift lyric “Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, and I can still picture it after all these days.” It’s all starting to make sense and come together for us. Just like the seasons in nature, we’re learning there are many different seasons to life and change is a good thing. So I’m sharing a special Life update amidst the ever changing world we live in today.

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Last January, we took a leap of faith and uprooted our lives from Florida (where Mark and I were both raised) and moved to North Carolina, seeming almost to some on a whim. After all, we had just built our beautiful first home together and had been in it for just over a year when opportunity elsewhere came knocking on our doors. And so, easier said than done, we packed up our things, sold our new house, let go of all our previous hard work in our careers, and left most of our friends and family back in Florida. We had never even been to Winston-Salem before moving here!

When thinking about why, and when recently asked a similar type question, I thought about it for some time and here’s what I believe to be true. I believe in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to push yourself to new creative boundaries, limits, the unknown, and find joy in building your empire, or the journey, rather than the destination. You see, this is how we grow into ourselves and avoid complacency, and rather in doing so live a life on purpose. So we followed our guts, which lead us here.

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After Mark battling and beating cancer last year, we’ve learned a lot about life and challenge. We’ve found that the growing pains and pushing yourself to persevere in the hard times is what makes you strong. And with that tribulation last year, we truly felt there was no better time than now to pursue a lifelong dream of moving somewhere else in the Southeast that experienced all 4 seasons, unlike Florida!

To say we have been loving it, would be an understatement. There are so many blessings to be found in new beginnings. But it would be a lie to sit over here and say it’s all been sunshine and rainbows. It was incredibly hard leaving my medical sales business behind in my Florida region, in which I poured my blood, sweat and tears into building an incredibly strong and prosperous book of business. It was also not easy leaving friends and family behind. And it was extremely bitter sweet to leave our newly built first home. But it led us here.

Here, is where it’s been hard to rent a house that’s not to our design taste and level, but remembering it’s just temporary and a great home we’re super thankful to have found. Here is where it’s been challenging starting over at work even though I’m with the same company, I’ve had to apply my strategies to build my empire here and it takes time. I struggle with patience and will always be something I am working on. But at the end of the day we’re both happy we did this because it challenged us to be better, to be smarter and to thrive in a new environment both personally and professionally. And that we did my friends.

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So it all has finally come together as I recently received a….drum roll…..big job promotion and will be over the entire Southeast! Had I not gotten comfortable being uncomfortable, and took the leap of faith, coming to a small town we knew we didn’t want to live in forever, been patient in settling in (ie renting versus buying something “perfect” right away), and let God’s plan unfold, then I never would’ve been able to eagerly and seamlessly transition into this new career path. And I feel it’s exactly where I’m meant to be! I’m so excited to make an impact helping others like me in this new role.

With all of that being said, we are beyond thrilled to announce we will be moving to Raleigh!!! Since moving to North Carolina we’ve done a ton of driving around and exploring and we really love spending time in Raleigh. Not to mention with the amazing Raleigh airport flying so many places in the Southeast through Southwest, it was a no brainer for us. Not only will I be traveling more for work now, but we will continue our travels much easier on a personal note and for pre-planned blog collaboration trips too (we’re currently an hour and a half from the Raleigh airport so this is huge for us). Yay for the future and hard work paying off!!

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I guess I share all of this with you because my point is, I get what it’s like to go through a time of tribulation and to wonder if you are on the right life path. To question your decisions. But if you believe in yourself, listen to your gut, follow your intuition, get comfortable being temporarily uncomfortable, and trust in God’s plan, it will all eventually lead you to the path of fruition, and you’ll be really glad you took all of those hard steps to get you where you were going, because it led you to that moment right here. And it feels darn good.

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