Can one book change your life?

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A book I love, what I’m currently reading, plus next up

If you haven’t read this book yet, girl what are you waiting on? I received the book, “Girl, wash you face” by Rachel Hollis, as a Christmas gift from my mom after she heard about it from her friend she met while I was in preschool. She knows I have big dreams and a drive to accomplish them, much like anything I start. Seriously though girl, even when it comes to movies I am like this. If I start one, I have to finish it, even when it’s really bad (which is totally a curse when everyone else is snoring on the couch). This actually proves, the road to achieving what you started is never easy (even with something as small as finishing a movie or a book at times). However, I usually find in life when we follow through it ends up worth it, as we learn something we didn’t know before. Better yet, we get to our end game-our dream.

So I started reading, and in hearing Rachel’s story and knowing where she is now, I found the book extremely relatable although I had not gone through the specific experiences that shaped her life exactly. In which arose the question, can one book change your life? The answer for me is, yes. I think if we open our minds to truly listen, one book can inspire us and truly change our perception, our reality, ultimately changing the path of our life.

I love this book for so many different reasons so in summary, Rachel teaches you to stop making excuses, dumbing yourself down, holding yourself back, telling yourself you can’t, because girl you CAN and you WILL accomplish your dreams if you just believe in yourself and figure it out. It truly is so inspiring for women from all walks of life and in different stages of life. No one said it will be easy though and no one is going to want it, care about it as bad as you do, and certainly no one is going to do it for you. I’m always down for a little self improvement, are you?

That is why I listen to podcasts when I’m driving or traveling, take time to read even if its just 15 minutes before bed, and do the research on-line even if it means getting up an hour earlier each morning (and girl I am no morning person). By prioritizing ourselves we can make time for our self by simply making it a priority and organizing our time a little better to do so. And I do this all for me, for my future, as my choices affect the ones I love most around me and I’ve got high expectations for us all. Do you want to live your best life?

Your dreams are obtainable, and they are worth it. I’ve deemed 2019 the year of putting what I learn into action, leading me to where I am now, “Building my personal brand in the age of social media”. Also the title of the current book I am (sub the word “my” for “your”) reading by Brittany Hennessy. Brittany’s insight is unique as she is the one on the other side, hiring influencers to be paid upwards of $10k to share with their digital community, the brand they love with their unique style and voice while their on-line tribe begins to acquire the same taste without even knowing it. That’s the magic of influence. She breaks it all down for you also providing tips on what to do, not to do (don’t be that girl) and provides insight from other successful bloggers and influencers.

Doing all of this, no matter what your dream is, can be quite scary and vulnerable though. You’re putting yourself out there and we all have fears of failing or not being liked. I’ve always found the fear of wondering “What if” to be far worse than trying and failing. What’s holding you back currently from your goal or living your dream?

So what’s next. I’ve been learning about these books from a circle of like minded women I’ve recently connected with, and also from one of my favorite podcasts, “The Influencer Podcast” with Julie Solomon. I definitely believe in surrounding yourself with a like-minded, uplifting girl tribe who pushes you to do better. The worst thing in my mind is not challenging ourselves to learn and grow, therefore wallowing in a fate of stagnant complacency. Leading me to the next book I’ll be reading, “Get over your damn self” by Romi Neustadt. A book equipping you with the tools to put yourself out there and confidently live life on purpose. Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to do so? I can’t wait to start it and will have to give y’all an update. For now, I’d love to know what you are reading and loving so I can add it to my list? Share it girl!

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