Finding your Personal Style plus how I found mine

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I remember as a little girl playing dress up and house. I actually played with Barbies for longer than I am willing to admit. I just loved the idea of dressing up or dressing them up for whatever they had on the agenda for the day. Growing up, my mom was one of five children and had to make some of her dresses as well as her doll’s dresses as they did not have a ton of extra money. I just wish I could remember how to sew a button back on from the sewing class I took in high school!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved fashion and dressing the part. I remember my poor little brother having to sit outside the dressing room door at the Limited Too while I tried on and styled many outfits with mom (anyone else remember that store?!). Because our money was also limited, we always had to narrow it down to 1 or 2 outfits and it was always so hard to do so because everything looked so cute (or at least that’s what my mom tells me).

Developing now into a young lady, not much has changed. Don’t worry y’all, I don’t play with Barbies anymore, but what I mean is I love styling outfits and dressing for each role or occasion I have to take on that day, ultimately instilling confidence in others to do the same. For me, I dress how I feel (which varies somewhat daily) and have always found myself to be very in touch with what I like and don’t like, having the confidence to make clear decisions based on my own idea of style and self. For this reason, I only brought my mom with me Wedding Dress shopping. I never needed the validation of others to feel beautiful, because I am being me. Do you girl!

So how do you find your personal style? Well what I can share is how I found mine. I found it from staying true to my character, what I’ve always genuinely gravitated too. For me that’s frilly dresses, two-piece skirt sets, bows, and retro shaped sunnies. I have so many pictures as a kid in different sunglasses, from heart shapes, to star shapes, to cat eyes and classic wayfarers. What they all always included were lots of girly details and color. It wasn’t like this was instilled in me as how I should look as a little girl, after all I grew up close to a cousin who was pure opposite and considered more of a tom boy, it was just how I was. I think it’s so important to know who you are and go for the items that naturally grab your attention.

So step 1. Reflect on who you are. Look back into your childhood. What did you wear? What did you wish you were wearing? What trends did you gravitate to in high school and what others did you roll your eyes at (in true teenage spirit)? Sure we all go through phases but you know deep down your character.

Step 2. How do we take elements of what we loved and style them into collections that work as a modern women in today’s era? You look for things you love like the color pink, pearls, floral prints, large buttons and lace details and find these styles in modern silhouettes, like pairing a blush pink blazer with large button details, together with a white lace blouse and black skinnies. Finish with large pearl studs, whimsical black cat eye sunnies, and pumps with a scalloped perimeter. See how I just combined elements of feminine, slightly retro details I love but in modern form? Or as shown in this photo, look for a dress that catches your eye because of the color and fit. Bringing me to the last step.

Step 3. Choose flattering shapes you feel confident in. Example, Nude heels elongate legs, fit & flare dresses give someone straight up and down some dimension and curvy flare. You get the picture. With swimwear I tend to go for Higher-Waist bikinis as that makes sense with who I am (not someone who shows a ton of skin), what I love (classic retro flare), and is figure flattering on me as I age into my 30s.

I remember an executive I work with talking with me as we drove to our next appointment and we started talking fashion for whatever reason (leave it to me to go there!). He said to me, when a woman says “She has nothing to wear”, what she really means is she doesn’t have something to wear that makes her confidently feel the part she needs to play today or woman she is wanting to be today (or something along those lines). I thought to myself, yes! That’s exactly it. Why can’t my husband understand that haha! Why can’t most men? We all want to feel good dressing the part, and we should. It makes so much sense. So what makes you feel good to through on? For some they feel best in jeans, heels and a tee, and others its feminine dresses. There’s no right or wrong way to be. What’s important is that you are uniquely you, playing the person our creator made us to be. Because when you are stylishly living your best life, the people you get to touch a long the way, will be too. It will happen and shine through your inspiration and keen sense of self.

So cheers to you gorgeous, and your personal style! Whatever it may be.

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