The Good and Bad of Lash Extensions

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Helloooo there!! Today’s “Coffee with Jess” is a little more light hearted-airy feeling, with an overall slightly hidden deeper message. You asked for it, so today I’m spilling on everything I’ve learned and experienced after having lash extensions over the last 5 years! Keep reading because this one’s for you if you’ve been contemplating trying them out for a special event or wanting to incorporate them into your daily look long-term.

So I started with lash extensions initially as a 2-3 time plan for special events leading up to my wedding and for the wedding day. Then I was like well why would I take them off for our honeymoon in Hawaii, and now we just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary and here I am still lashed up and loving it! They really are addicting but in my opinion so worth it.

Here’s the good. If you have a job where you’re constantly in front of people, needing to dress up for work, on camera a lot, or have a full time social calendar, with minimal time to get ready in the mornings, then I would say go for it. I can’t tell you how many times at work they have started a separate conversation leading into a deeper relationship with a new client. Also they save me so much time getting ready in the morning as well as money (it’s a trade off), because you don’t have to wear mascara! If you live in a hot climate near a beach or lake and plan on frequenting those places over the Summer or traveling to tropical destinations, they are so amazing because you literally just need to throw on a little tinted moisturizing sunscreen, colored protective lip balm and maybe a little under eye concealer and your done! The lashes just make your eyes sparkle and everything else pop. Hello going to bed gorgeous and waking up feeling just as gorgeous (as I bat my Bambi long lashes *wink*)!

Here’s the bad. They are maintenance. And by that I mean time consuming and you’ll need to budget them in. For example I stopped getting my nails professionally done for some time and go in waves with that so I’m spending less money and time on personal maintenance monthly. I was going every 2 weeks but now get fills every 3 weeks. You don’t want to let them go longer than that if you’re going to be consistent with them. Also, they do weigh down your natural lash so if you ever plan to take them off, your natural lashes are going to show some wear and tear and will take a few months to get back to normal length and strength. That being said, the good news is they do get normal again, you’re just left looking a little lashless for some time but there’s a million different serums on the market now that you can use to expedite the growth process. Our lashes shed in cycles naturally though so there are always new growth coming in to support the extensions or rejuvenate your natural look quickly.

Also if you get consistent and you ever move far from home (like I just did), you will have to find a new lash lady. Add it to the list! And it seems like seriously every salon and every one does these things because they are so popular now-but who can you trust to really do a good job. Every lash artist operates slightly different, uses different brands and types of lashes, and has different levels of experience and skills.

What to look for in a lash artist. Someone who really listens to you and spends time analyzing your natural lash and explaining realistically the look they can achieve with what you’ve got to work with. The last thing you want is someone doing some permanent damage to your eyes and lashes because they pile them up or don’t really have experience. Look at their before and after photos. Show them pictures of what you like and don’t like. My long time lash artist, Maxim Eyes Lashes, in Orlando used the Nova Lash brand Mink-Volume lashes and their brand glue. Your lash artist should also go over how to clean and take care of them (I just use oil free make up remover on a Q tip to remove eyeliner along the lash line gently, and baby wipes to remove any other make up before washing my face in the shower per usual). You can purchase lash branded cleaners from your stylist too. My new artist in NC, Eye Lash Love, uses JB and she has many different types of lashes to achieve the look you want. Her before and after pictures are amazing! I’m not sure which brand of glue she is using so I will talk with her at my next appointment because although her “fanning” technique is awesome, the lashes don’t seem to stick as well or are lasting nearly as long. I’m finding a lot of shedding each morning when I wake up, which some shedding is normal in the mornings, but I’ve never had it be as much as this time. I’m going to ask her what we can do to figure out why that is happening and what we can do to try fixing that at my next appointment.

All together, lashes are something I do for myself. Ladies you know what I mean. Whether its an all natural self tanner you apply on the weekend for a glow, getting a fresh blow out, mani-pedi, you pick your poison. When we do these things we feel good about ourselves and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking care of yourself and doing what makes you happy! Make yourself a priority girl! True story, my husband said he loves my eyes lashless, and says they are fine with lashes too but again it’s something men will truly never understand and I continue to do it for me. What have you done for yourself lately? Hope this article has helped!

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