When it comes to me and my tribe, I personally believe in quality over quantity. It’s interesting as I’ve aged I’ve also realized and place more value on the true meaning of quality friendship. It’s a two way street, and although I may not squad up as regularly with as many as I did in college, the friends I do have are there for me through the thick and thin. They know me for who I am, love me for who I am not and we all have similar values and life goals. That being said, we all have our own unique personalities and sense of style. Our lives are each very different, but the beautiful thing about us is we’re always able to pick back up right where we left off when we get together, and don’t fall trap to the comparison game, envying what one has or doesn’t have. It’s nice to just be accepted and loved back. I am beyond lucky and thankful to have this good group of girls in my world.

It’s been a privilege to watch my friends go after their goals, find their way, launch companies, products, and start families. Most of my good girl friends I met in college through rushing the sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Through the years while following our dreams, whether that be motherhood, travel, entrepreneurship, or career driven, we’ve all physically moved from Orlando to different places and states. It’s a great excuse for mini vacays to see each other now, and when we do get quality time in we cherish it more.

This past weekend we were all able to come together to celebrate a dear friend’s wedding. It was so nice to be all together in this new chapter of our lives. In the last several years we’ve had two overcome Cancer, two become first time mother’s, and are all dog moms, some being working women, and really we are all just trying to find our way while balancing the different roles we play as modern women in the year of 2019. It’s pretty special to see how far we’ve all come, facing tribulations and triumphs with heed. I’m thankful to see us all in a good place and will always hold on to our fond memories together.

The qualities I think are important to look for in a friend, would be someone you can trust above all. Someone who won’t judge you for leading a different life but at the end of the day has commonality in morals and goals. I look for someone who can make me laugh, but will have my back in any serious moment or challenge. This new year, one of my goals was to put myself out there more with my blog and truly create a community of women who lift each other up. Another goal is to not only digitally get in touch with these amazing women, but begin connecting over the phone, and in person. Creating collaborations that make sense creatively but lead to a deeper friendship and long lasting true connection. I’m proud and grateful to say I am heading that direction.

So cheers to us, the good times and bad times, and the friendship and respect we all deeply value and have for each other. I can’t wait to see what the next ten years has in store for us all!

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