Embracing Change

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Life should be like Seasons, full of change and adventure. Without change how are we to grow? I know for most (including myself until recently), change can be scary, as it pushes us out of our comfort zone and in comes the fears of the wandering mind, pondering all of the what if’s. Doubts such as failure, being deprived of feeling content, regret or remorse, and it goes on and on. Hear me out for a minute though. If we always run from change, how are we to know what really makes us tick in this short life?

Moving to North Carolina for us was a big change and a big risk. Some days we wonder if it was the right choice, while paying rent and a mortgage, working hard at starting all over again at work, building a solid book of business like I had in Orlando. However, what I’ve found to be always true in life is, nothing worth it comes easy, and it would’ve been so easy to just stay. Would we be satisfied truly though, wondering what could’ve been if we took the leap of faith to embrace change? We would be missing the beautiful new blooms we’ve encountered literally and metaphorically in this new Season of our life.

It’s funny because even my parents at first didn’t understand why we would want to uproot our lives, leave the comfort of our new home, and what we had worked hard to build with our careers in Orlando for a smaller town farther away. They are also a part of the generation that used to find A job…no, THE job, and keep climbing that ladder with the same company their entire life. We though, are the generation of change (on average having worked 14 different jobs in a lifetime), equipping ourselves with thick skin in knowing that life can change very quickly and that it is not always a bad thing to posses the skill to adapt. There’s no better generation (despite some of our millennial flaws), designed to handle change. I’ve learned when we attach ourselves so strongly to the material things we have earned in this life, we attach ourselves to a false sense of security and happiness.

It’s more about perception, you see. Change your perception, change your life. I really do believe life is just like the 4 Seasons. We have different parts of our lives that transform just like a budding tree cycles through it’s life phases. My point is, it is the journey that is so beautiful; the stages leading to the end result which can be so rewarding and beautiful. But If we can’t appreciate the transitioning phases of life while on our journey, what are we really living for? The destination will be short lived. If we can’t reinvent ourselves, challenge ourselves, and try new things, we may just miss out on the very thing that makes us tick.

I was recently gifted a rain drop necklace, reminding me that sometimes life’s greatest blessings come through and after the rain. If we only see the bad in the poring rain, how are we to see the rainbow that transpires after? Sometimes I think God is trying to teach us things through change, Seasons of life (good and bad times during those Seasons). I think these lessons are what end up making us beautifully and undeniably who we so brilliantly are meant to be. And it was in His plan all along. So with that I challenge you, and I challenge myself to embrace change, and when something seems to be tough or not going your way, to seek to find the good in the lesson we are meant to learn; to remember that nothing fulfilling and good in life comes quick and easy. Find your fresh bloom, and your rainbow, but try harder to enjoy the process leading up to the brand new beautiful bloom and rainbow that adorns your personal slice of heaven.

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