Comparison - Plus the Beauty of Staying in Your Own Lane

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Ok Ladies. Hands up if anyone here can relate to the comparison game. It really is the thief of Joy. There’s something so refreshing about embracing the “Stay in your own lane” motto. Until you try it you simply can’t understand what a relief it can be.

This is something I believe many of us, including myself, struggle with all the time. With an Instagram scroll that begins to look like Martha Stewarts Pinterest page, its easy to find ourselves thinking how can I keep up, or will I ever reach that next level?

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Whether it be in your career, your financial goals, your travel goals etc. Instagram and Social Media all together, can be a great place to get inspired, but also a place that borderlines the edge of loosing yourself and sense of joy when it seems like everyone else is living their best lives out there, while you’re juggling crying babies, a 9-5, just paying your bills or a simple side hustle. The truth is we all struggle, despite what our curated social feed resembles.

I love creating content that inspires y’all too. It’s such a creative outlet and place of joy for me and I take great privilege and honor in the fact that I have the ability to create and inspire. That being said it’s easy to get caught up in the mentality of thinking I should be further ahead by now. Every time I catch myself going down this rabbit hole, I know it’s time to re-evaluate, and you should too.

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My advice. When you find yourself feeling this way, identify what it is that set you off. It’s good to have goals. It’s bad to let those goals cripple you to the point that they steal the joy of everything you’ve accomplished thus far and currently have going for you. Once you identify what it is, like say someone’s social media per say, take it with a grain of salt. Or you could temporarily un-follow that person for a bit, or mentally be strong enough to remind yourself that every time you see their fabulous photos, that you are amazing in your own unique way too. Have gratitude towards their beautiful creations and yours, then let it go. If you aren’t able to do this at the moment then tune out of social media for a bit till you get your gorgeous self back up and running in that confident style of yours! We’re all human and we all need a break.

I hope there was someone out there who needed to hear this today and you now feel grateful and inspired to stay in your own lane, embracing doing you! It’s a gift to be different. Many of us spend our whole lives trying to stand out. So celebrate who you are and all of your wins, even when they seem small next to someone else’s. If you stay in your own lane, you won’t even know the difference. Now that, is inspiring!

Thanks for tuning in to read and connect over this week’s “Coffee with Jess”. See you back here next Monday for more!

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