The Art of Adaptation

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

I guess that saying is true, but I want to know what do you do when things don’t go as planned? Funny story about this day. We were visiting Mark’s parent’s in Georgia and Saturday was supposed to be beautiful out. I planned to break away for an hour to snap some Spring content and then you won’t believe what happened. RAIN! Pouring 46 degree weather, rain. No Sunshine in sight. I pretty much almost busted my butt in my heels walking to meet my photographer Nikki. As frustrating as my perfect day turning into utter dismay was, it reminded me sometimes you have to truly stop and smell the roses. Find the beauty in God’s plan, not your “perfect” plan.

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When I arrived to meet Nikki, she had brought the cutest little umbrella she recently scooped up at Target and had a smile on her face, ready to shoot still, despite the fact she would be the one getting rained on! In that moment I literally turned my frown upside down and realized, this was exactly how everything was supposed to go. And so we embraced it and had such a lovely afternoon, creating unique, real life, in the moment content. I love the way the images turned out and the pretty lesson learned behind the lens. Adapting to less than favorable conditions is never easy, but if you manage the art or skill to adapt you just might see the true beauty in the little things you were missing all along and have found success in happiness.

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I believe life gives us many opportunities to learn to adapt and find the good in each situation but will only happen if we open our hearts and minds to be able to embrace adapting and finding something new. Sometimes in life its easiest to stay comfortable in complacency, but if we embrace going through each season of our lives, we can change and grow in ways you’ve never imagined. It was really hard for Mark and I to take the leap of faith in January to move from Florida, where we’ve lived our whole lives, and move to North Carolina, especially leaving the comfort and beauty of our brand new home, but we did so knowing it could teach us some valuable lessons and get us ahead in life in the long run. So we chose to take the hard path for the belief and hope of a better future somewhere we’ve always considered living, realizing He has a plan for us. Even when that plan includes rain. Sometimes after the rain showers, comes the prettiest flowers. :)

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