To Travel or Not To Travel

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To Travel or Not to Travel is the question of today’s Coffee with Jess. I want to hear from you too. Are you a gal on the go or are you more of a cozy up homebody? I think you can actually be both, as when we go through different phases of life things, desires, needs — all change.

It’s so funny looking back when I was in College and younger I really had a limited to no desire to travel. I remember the opportunity to study abroad came about with my roommate and I said, why would I want to do that? I love my bed and sheets too much! Wow! Like really though, that’s how I thought!! The me now, would’ve jumped at that opportunity and I can’t wait to continue traveling, seeing the world.

It’s so fun to explore new towns, restaurants, and see what they value and appreciate so much in that area. I think a lot of my fashion and home design is inspired by travel and the things I see, the places we go. It’s also how my husband and I have continued to learn and grow regarding what we like and don’t like in a place to live. At least when we do travel now rain or shine, my luggage stays clean, dry and stylish thanks to the Montrouge line from Delsey (plus the matching back pack is pretty much my new travel best friend). Right now the Delsey Montrouge Line is BOGO too!

If you caught my Instagram Stories at all over the weekend too, you saw we brought our fur baby Archie home to visit my family for Mother’s day and attend a friends beach wedding! The funniest thing about that all was the heart eyed messages and how many comments came in live and digitally about how he likes to be carried over my shoulder like a real child (insert crying laughing emoji here). I think he thinks he’s a human because I’ve never experienced this with any of my dogs either. He is such a momma’s boy. Lots of people were asking how he did and thankfully he did just fine! No ear troubles or anxious behavior. In fact the flight home was pretty turbulent and I think I did wayyy worse than the dog! Anyways, he’s such a lover and people love him right back. He got the vip treatment and is our new travel buddy, and my ESA for my flight anxiety — we’re totally good with it.

So I want to know. Do you prefer to Travel and explore new things, or do you prefer to stay cozy and content at home? No wrong answer here and honestly I go back and forth sometimes. Traveling adventures and enjoying the simplicity of home comes in waves for me, and there’s no way I’d rather be. So tell me for you, is it to travel or not to travel?

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