A Spring Picnic at the Plantation

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Stay with me here because I know Your biggest Regret. But first, this story- which I promise has a very good point.

Oh what a day!! It was truly such a beautiful Spring day when I pulled up to Dewberry Manor Farms for a relaxing picnic on their plantation. Y’all if this home isn’t full of Southern Charm with its sweeping front porch views of rolling green pastures, and fragrant garden flowers, I don’t know what is. I was blown away by such a stunning property that looked like it jumped straight out of Southern Living Magazine into my pre-planned, real-life afternoon. And my London Times Tam Shift Dress couldn’t have been a more perfect outfit for the occasion. Naturally, the first thing I had to do once I got there, was check out their beautiful gardens…

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Don’t mind me as I twirl through the flowers! From Magnolia trees and Azaleas to Garden Roses and Tulips, they had it all. I’ve grown to really appreciate the beauty of nature and flowers, I guess ever since we moved to North Carolina from Florida and have had the opportunity to see a true Spring Season and all the blooms that come along with it. Do you like season change?

I think there needs to be a name invented for someone who loves following the flowers as much as I do, just like people who love and follow different foods are deemed “foodies” you know? Maybe this word for flower lovers already exists, and if so please help a girl out and let me know in the comments below so I’m not completely missing the boat on that here! Thanks! … Back to the story. And so, after strolling through the gardens, it was time to enjoy what Southern plantation homes are made for

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The PORCH of course! This home had a front porch that wrapped entirely around both sides. Could it be any better? Add in some classic rocking chairs, fresh flowers, sweet tea, and a picturesque little porch swing and you’ve got Southern Living heaven. I love all the beautiful colors they incorporated through throw pillows and flowers while keeping it classic and simple with white furniture contrasting against the pastel yellow color of the plantation style house. Can you say stunning? It surely was! Your Southern entertaining dreams can easily come true here.

It was time for me to soak it all in and appreciate this beautiful day on the porch, while reading interior design magazines, daydreaming of my next home and how to create an amazing porch as pretty as this! Anyone else get lost in their daydreams of their future plans and dream home designs? Of course doing this all in the perfectly designed feminine shift dress was just the icing on the cake for me and any girly girl alike.

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After all my daydreaming on the porch (in true Pisces spirit), who wouldn’t have worked up an appetite. My relaxing afternoon picnic in the garden full of birds chirping was up next. No joke y’all, it was like a little slice of heaven getting to enjoy this day. This brings me to the “theme” I guess you could say of today’s “Coffee with Jess” and what I told you i already know about you. Enjoying time in refined beauty and classic simplicity. Much like my colorful dress you could say.

It has a punch to it with its beautifully coral colored floral design, while remaining timeless and classic with it’s simple silhouette shift shape and refined frilly details around the neck and again at mid thigh. Life’s about enjoying it’s beautiful simple moments, that bring color to your cheeks in giddy delight. Now adays, its an art to be truly and simply refined in enjoying the moment. Appreciating all of the little details of each day.

So here it is. When we die, no one ever says they wish they had this or that, they wish they had more TIME! Bringing me to your (and mine too) biggest regret. Not choosing to use your time wisely! Time is precious and not something we can get back so we shouldn’t take each simple moment for granted.

I should do a better job at enjoying life’s simple moments and living in the present, but honestly we probably all could. It’s something I always vow to work on each year and I do think I am getting better and better at it. Like for example, taking up on the opportunity to see this beautiful plantation and enjoy a little afternoon picnic here. I’m so glad I did.

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Wrapping the day up with my figurative sweet tooth for feminine fashion and colorful style, and my literal sweet tooth for dessert, the afternoon shaped out just so with a nice treat of macaroons. It was nice to reward myself for being spontaneously in the moment and I truly enjoyed my time photographing this pretty Spring Picnic at the plantation.

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PS- spoiler alert! Did I mention they have horses grazing these green pastures too? Maybe you’ll see me back next time here in the perfect London Times or Maggy London Look for a day of Horseback riding and cantering around… A girl can dream right?

I hope you each find the time to enjoy the beauty in the simple things today and feel beautiful while doing so! Take some time for yourself because you deserve it my friend.

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*Also thank you to the owners of Dewberry Manor Farms for having us out!

*Photography by the lovely & talented Megan Travis Photography

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