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Resilience - but what does it mean really? By definition it is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or toughness. I can’t think of a more important trait at the moment. Your true character shines when placed in tough moments or unfortunate situations and you’re able to push through with grace and dignity.

As modern women, we go through many transitioning phases of life, adapting to and embracing many different roles. It’s one thing to wallow through the challenges and a complete other level to face those challenges and come back smarter, stronger, harder through it all, realizing these are the moments that shape who you are, what you stand for and how you handle things and inspire others.

I’d like to say I’m an expert at mastering the skill of resilience, but the truth is its really hard being so. I do believe it’s a strong character trait I posses but utilizing it will always be a conscious choice and work in progress, not just for me but us all. We all have our things not going exactly how we planned or falling in place according to our dreamt up childhood timeline, but we need to stop for a moment to celebrate all of the goals and milestones we have achieved. If you’re able to be resilient along the way, you’ll always be able to see the positive in the journey- what you are learning and growing in a set of unfortunate dealt hand of cards.

My character and this trait was put into play recently when I had a goal of high hopes to win a trip to Paris with Delsey! I was notified I was in the top 5 brand ambassadors, which was a huge accomplishment as most of the others had 70-100+k followers on Instagram and I was fighting the good fight right along side them. To me this was super honorable because it just goes to show how many of you truly care about me and are highly invested in my story…our journey. I can’t thank you enough for that, for caring. I hope you know the feeling is mutual! Sadly, I did not win the trip but that’s ok. I have the ability to realize this exact trip wasn’t meant for me and have zero hostility towards it or the person who won. In fact, it makes me more motivated and excited to earn my way to Paris, hopefully sooner than later, understanding it will happen when the time is right.

Next time something doesn’t go as expected (and this is just one small example of this recently happening to me- there are worse things), I hope you remember to practice the skill of resilience. Use these challenges and transitioning times as positive ways to inspire others while achieving your long term goals.

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