So I’ve got a question for you today. Do you believe in manifestation? In putting it all out there to the universe and on the line, and it will come true? A part of me believes in that and the power of the mind. After all, I always say where there’s a will there’s a way. Another part of me though thinks this is too good to be true. Like the art of just saying something out loud or writing it down is going to make it happen…I’m not sure yet about all that.

That’s why I am genuinely asking you. Yes you. I’ve listened to what seems like hundreds of podcasts and audible books where it talks about manifestation and I’ve heard from 7 figure earning life coaches on the topic. But the more the topic comes up just makes me question, is it just the “hot topic” of the moment and does it really work.

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I really am a positive, optimistic, glass half full type of gal. Sometimes almost to the extreme where I daydream too much and need to get my head out of the clouds enough to come back down to reality. So why is the concept of manifestation so hard for me to truly believe to my core?

Well, I’ve tested it out tonight on my instagram story to see if me manifesting one of the goals I’m currently working on will make a difference. If you caught the story, it’s me talking about Archie and our goal of getting him certified to become a service dog so we can share some of his joy with children battling cancer at our local hospital. With everything we went through with my husband Mark’s health last year and continue to recover from emotionally this year, we just thought that we have so much to be thankful for, including Archie. Plus he loves kids so I truly just feel in my gut like this is his purpose to now give back some of what he gave us during Mark’s battle with Cancer. PS-Scroll to the bottom for a cute family pic I don’t think I’ve shared here before. :)

So now y’all will have to help hold us accountable and I’m putting it all out in the universe via verbally communicating with you on Instagram and now it’s in writing here. Yikes! Hope he makes it! He starts classes next week and will have to keep you posted.

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