Recovering Gracefully from Word Vomit

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Please don’t tell me I am the only one this has happened to. I know it can’t be true! I was recently having an early happy hour dinner with a new acquaintance here in North Carolina and I really started opening up about the last couple years of my life. Then you’ll never guess what happened…

But first I want to tell you about these trendy, yet classic pearl clips I'm wearing in my hair. Because at least when we make a fool of ourselves, lets try to look cute and graceful, am I right ladies? Ok so this clip I love because its chunkier than many of the others so it actually makes a statement and is visible in your hair. Especially for my blonde girl friends out there. You could however definitely opt for something daintier to pull of this trend depending on your hair style and what else you are wearing! I just started incorporating this trend into my weekend wardrobe to give my looks a little something extra and this is a trend you can economically embrace easily and look extra gorgeous doing so!

Ok enough about my latest trend I’m loving and back to the word vomit. So we are having dinner right, and next thing I know her phone rings. She excuses herself to take the call politely and after a few seconds her phone dies. She apologizes frustratedly that the phone died and has to go to meet her additional secondary plans for the night, which in all honesty she did say she had when we first sat down to dinner.

It was one of those moments though where I literally remember it vividly feeling like a movie. It was so abrupt. Like when you are on a bad date with someone and the best friend calls and you exchange the code word so you can as nonchalantly and realistically as possible escape the date and bad conversation. And the reason why this comes to mind, in all fairness, is because I literally went off on a tangent about some craziness of my past. Which is sooo unlike me by the way as a very typical Enneagram type 3, I am super polished, guarded and conscious of my personal and public image. SO it takes a LOT for me to really open up and just be me. Especially when meeting new people, despite my bubbly personality.

So whether this is my paranoid pisces personality running away with me here or that really was what was happening is besides the point. And honestly I’m laughing about it as I can now reflect on the beauty of really opening up and being the real, flawed version of me in those word vomit moments and just be content or carefree with the outcome, regardless of the reality. That doesn’t however on the other hand, take away from the slight embarrassment of the moment.

Here’s how I would have liked to recover from word vomit so if it ever happens to you (or me!) again, I hope this reflective advice will help.

  1. Do Not Be Ashamed

    Why? Because you are human my friend. And that means you are also flawed and you know what? That is OK. It’s more than OK actually.

  2. That being said, Do Not Apologize

    I repeat, do not apologize! You did nothing wrong. Instead, maybe say something like, “I understand I totally just seemed to have gone off on a tangent! Thank you so much for listening! I hope to be a sounding board for you in difficult or frustrating times too, by the way!” Then change the subject. If that person, whether it be a potential love interest or new friend, is really interested in getting to know you, they won’t care. They’ll appreciate knowing you for your raw humanity and pieces of your past that make you who you are today.

  3. Be Confident yet Polite

    Yes. Be confident yet polite in who you unapologetically are. Move forward with grace and humility to take your own advice and accept others for who they truly are too.

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