You Live, You Learn

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You Live, You learn. Why do I despise the sound of that saying so much right now? Probably because it’s completely and utterly true. And unfortunately for me, I usually have to learn things the hard way.

Now the beauty in this saying and learning the hard way, is the what comes after the the inevitably negative thing you just learned from. The relief and growth in now knowing better. Being smarter next time around and inspiring others with my attitude and positive life perspective. Because let’s face it, we all go through hard times (am I right ladies?!).

Last week, I teased on my instagram feed that we were celebrating something relieving and exciting. Well the wait is over, because I’m about to share with you what that is all about, fashionably late of course!

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So back in January when we decided to and actually did move to North Carolina, I made an ignorantly blissful post about how we had sold our home quite profitably and just felt like all the stars were aligning into the perfect little transition out to NC. Boy, did I have a rude awakening shortly ahead.

In late February, just a couple days before we were to go to closing we got the devastating call from our previous realtor saying the buyers were backing out due to their home still not being sold. Unbeknownst to us, the buyers were also getting all of their deposit money back —money we needed to settle in our new start in North Carolina.

Now left figuring out how to pay for two house payments, and all the things, not to mention the poor time of the year to sell a home now, and having just depleted savings from Mark being sick with cancer last year, left us feeling like did we really make the right decision to move? Some pretty heavy stuff right there.

Cue Deep Breath. … … … Well what I can say is during this time of trial, we learned how to manage and how to be truly happy in what we had, not just for the fesaud of looking happy in the world of social media. We also both feel much more equipped to make smarting, lasting decisions.

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And FINALLY…we sold and closed on our house the end of May! It is such a relief and burden lifted off of our shoulders now. However, I can’t look past the very valuable lessons I believe God was teaching us over this last year. Although it quite honestly sucked going through it, now that its behind us we feel empowered to live a smarter, healthier lifestyle in so many different ways and hope to inspire you to do the same.

The old us would’ve been on a first class flight out somewhere fancy to celebrate immediately after this, drinking the finest wine celebrating and splurging on a lust list item. The new us spent time together celebrating by sharing our favorite pizza at home and a reasonably priced, yet slightly indulgent bottle of wine. What mattered most is we had each other (and not to mention we love being home with our pup Archie). Sure there are things on the list we want to tackle, but we’re not rushing into anything. If I were to celebrate on a vacation though, this would be the perfect casual Summer dress (made by Gal Meets Glam) with a little something extra, to celebrate in!

I’m not going to lie though guys, I think we may treat ourselves to a little massage in town this weekend. Because, hey…you have to live…a little. It’s all about that balance.

Last, a word of advice (not that you asked for it), but learn from me, not the hard way! At the end of the day living and learning isn’t so bad I guess after all. It’s really shaped and continues to shape our character and our story.

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