One Fine Day - Finding Simplicity

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Hey you! So glad to see you back here this fine Monday morning. I had to take a little break, but we’re back to our regular posting schedule of Monday morning’s for “Coffee with Jess”. It rained here in Winston all weekend, with very short glimpses of sunshine. Despite it I actually had the best time with Mark and Archie, and so it inspired today’s blog post.

This weekend we enjoyed going to Brunch (which how perfect is the blush dress for a classic Brunch date?), getting pedicures and massages and we also went to the movies to see Secret Life of Pets 2, and I am pretty convinced it’s the cutest movie of the year (seriously though). It also inspired my words for today’s topic as silly as it sounds.

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So let’s talk, finding simplicity in your day— What does simplicity mean to you? To me it’s taking the time to enjoy life’s little moments, what you love, and remember we’re not fully in control here so we should stress less and enjoy life a little more. Go for that Chocolate Chip Pancake at Brunch and double mimosa girl! Despite a little rain, figuratively or literally, its so important to always make the best of it. I mentioned in my last “Coffee with Jess”, we sold our house and to celebrate we simply spent time together enjoying our favorite pizza and time at home together. I’ve learned you don’t always have to plan something grand to find joy. It’s found in the simple things with each other—family.

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Sometimes I’ve found that fear of not being in control and the fear of what if’s can really hold us back from life. Living it to it’s fullest, you know? Now adays, I’m constantly striving to be more in the moment, letting go of fear, and just twirling through the chaos of life like a ray of light versus an anxious gloomy worry wart cloud. I hope today’s post has inspired you to do the same!

PS- drop me a comment with your go to Brunch order below! I’m also trying more and more new things and I’d love to hear from you!

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Location: Print Works Bistro at Proximity Hotel

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