Body Image Confessions and Social Media Falsities

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Wouldn’t we all like to be confident in our own skin? Utterly and blissfully confident. Like when you close a big deal, land a big promotion or score a lust list item on major sale, get a fresh hair cut and color or achieve something you’ve been working your butt off for?! I’m talking that kind of confident.

Confession. Right now, this is honestly the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, as I recently shared on Instagram. Some will eye roll most likely, as I am still relatively thin (thanks genetics), but for me this is heavier than my personal best or norm. Side note- I’m super happy these high-waisted swimsuits are making a come back because it’s about all I’ve been wearing lately. And I was lucky enough to score this pretty gingham one on major sale, so yay! Anyways…

Now that I’ve confessed, it’s also important to note that this last year has been emotionally my toughest yet with Mark’s health scare and learning to find the balance of our new normal. Through it all I can say we have learned to enjoy and embrace tons of change and welcome new adventures now. And we’re better than we ever were for it.

What I’ve really learned though is to give myself some grace and this is important because I think we could all do a better job of this. You’re human girl so give yourself some darn grace! Here’s the thing, I’ve come to realize that half of what we see on social media is highly unrealistic, including bodies that have been altered with plastic surgery undisclosed to you, or photoshopped. Now that’s all fine and dandy, however I have a problem when others choose to talk about their skinny or ideal body on social media and personify a false image as if they were born that way or they dieted hard for it etc. when in reality they’ve had major plastic surgery, maybe even other sorts of laser treatments or have significantly photoshopped their bodies and make it seem different than what really is.

To me its so disheartening because you miss a huge opportunity to lift other women up (that may have struggled just like you) by disclosing the reality of what it took to get yourself to where you are today with your weight. You can share the story of your struggles. And there’s nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s what connects and relates us all because women all struggle with this. Whether you’re a new mom trying to get her body back or someone just juggling with weight gain and loss due to other life circumstances. We can all empower each other here versus making someone feel like they’ll never look like that “perfect”. And again, this is only if people are choosing to talk about their body/weight on social media. Otherwise, there’s no need to disclose private matters if you don’t want to. It’s definitely a really personal thing and decision. But if people do share, I just wish they would be honest instead of making it seem like you drank this magical tea for a month or worked their butt off and wow you’re a whole different person!

Confession two, I had my boobs done in college because I felt like I was trapped inside a girls body instead of a woman, being the A size I still was in highschool. And again, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with that.

So why do we put so much pressure on ourselves instead of loving our bodies and striving to have the best version of them but not killing ourselves over it? And furthermore, why do we like to put out a false image online? Is it to boost our own confidence perhaps? Y’all, really there’s so many things in life we stress over that are just so not that big of a deal, while we could instead be enjoying life. I think it’s important to be healthy and treat yourself in moderation. And next time you fall into the comparison trap of believing everything you see on social media, I hope you remember my words here and it brings you confidence to live happily in your own, very beautiful skin.

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