Luck Defined and Creating Your Own Luck

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As I was flying home from Las Vegas to North Carolina, after what seemed like really long days and evenings of work meetings, I wondered how to make the time pass. I’m an anxious flyer (like many of us), so this was no easy task. Anyone else when traveling home feel like you just can’t get home quick enough? My brain felt warped from all of the new information and presentations I’d been absorbing for work and I thought it would be so easy to just turn on a sweet play list, if only I had one (darn), and tune out. So instead I decided to continue learning and growing by listening to a new podcast series, “Just between us”.

The time passed rather quickly (surprisingly) as I found some new insight into this complicated thing called life. Naturally, being the “One Tree Hill” Lucas Scott fan that I was (anyone else miss that show!?), I decided to listen to the episode interviewing Chad Michael Murray. Y’all I was pleasantly surprised to learn that in real life Chad Michael Murray is much like his very morally aligned Lucas Scott self. He is very grounded. Not to go on a tangent here but a couple key findings that I just found so amazing was the fact that him and his wife made a pact, both being in the industry, to never work at the same time. They rotate schedules of roles and filming them so they can keep their pack (including their adorable kids) all together as a family. Their family is their priority and I found it so endearing and rare to come by these days. He also gave some great advice around fear. Maybe I’ll save that for another “Coffee with Jess”…

What I found most amazing or insightful though was when he said do you know what Luck is? The definition of Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. It’s such a simple concept really and was one of those truly “Aha” moments. One more time here. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. I absolutely love it and couldn’t agree more!

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So let’s talk about creating Luck then. Preparation is defined as the action or process of being made ready for use or consideration. It’s something done to get ready for an event or undertaking. Now control freaks like me, you’re going to love this part, because if you just read what I read, so far it looks like you can create your own Luck. You just have to get ready for it. To me this means practicing your craft, surrounding yourself with the right people (networking), and when your ready, you’re done preparing so you can act on it. In other words it’s time to go for it (whatever your it is!).

That leads us to the second part of Luck. Opportunity. Opportunity is defined as a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something. So in other words, because you did step 1 (you prepared), you are ready to do something about it when the situation (opportunity) arises!

So pretty much all we need to do to find Luck, is listen to Chad Michael Murray more. Just kidding, but hey it definitely didn’t hurt. I hope you loved today’s post and find yourself empowered to go find and create your own Luck!

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