No Place Like Home and How I Unwind after Traveling

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There really is something to the saying, “there’s no place like home”. We’ve been traveling a lot lately, most recently Las Vegas and Charleston, but we’re back home in North Carolina and it feels good to be back. Even though North Carolina hasn’t been our home for long (since January-more on that here), I feel like we’ve adjusted pretty quickly and have explored a lot of cool areas in this beautiful state. And there’s still so much more to see…

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One of the areas I love most where we live is called Reynolda Village. It has one of our favorite restaurants there, and a bunch of little cute shops and boutiques, including a Pure Barre, nestled right among the beautifully charming Reynolda Gardens. Since moving here, part of the thrill of each new season for me personally has been seeing all of the beautiful flowers spring into bloom and change throughout the year (something I never fully experienced while living in Florida).

Meghan Travis and I met up in the Reynolda Village one morning for coffee and to snap a few pics of this place that I love. How cute are all of the little flower pots and the pastel green shutters with awnings on the stores? With it being Summer time, there really was nothing easier than throwing on a pretty romper to stroll in the village. I found this one on sale, so run don’t walk, at Anthropologie and am obsessed with the fit of it, being lightweight and longer in the torso and shorts section. I thought the little wicker-straw bag went just darling with it, and when I brought this outfit home I realized I had the perfect lilac purple heels to pull out that color in the romper. Don’t you love when things come together like that?

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Speaking of things coming together again…how do you get your life back together when coming home from a vacation? Are you the kind of person like me, that immediately when you get home you have to un-pack? I really love just getting that over with. My routine consists of un-packing, starting the laundry, taking a steamy hot shower and drinking a cup of chamomile tea before bed to unwind. Of course though the first thing I have to do is kiss my dog and husband (duh), or what kind of wife and dog mom would I be! :) Anyways, I’d love to hear your tips for getting back into the swing of things when you get back home from traveling, so let me know!

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