Sometimes Silence is Golden & Laughter is the Cure

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I literally spent all Sunday afternoon thinking about what I wanted to write about for today’s “Coffee with Jess”. Nothing. I guess it’s called writers block? I thought, what value can I bring to my amazing digital community today. Because y’all always deserve the best. Still…nothing. Ugh! So I thought, what am I going through right now that I can share to inspire you today. Still…nothing. Grrr! And then I realized, just like the famous JT song. Sometimes the greatest way to say something, is to say nothing at all.

So today, its just me here. Imperfect, flawed me. Without a super inspiring story, life event, or update at the moment. I think it’s because I’m a little overwhelmed lately and I still feel the same as what I shared on last week’s “Coffee with Jess”, about facing Crossroads and my tips for creating your own path (here for more on that).

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Clearly, it’s still a work in progress over here and I’m going to just laugh it off in my pretty pink leopard Jcrew Dress! Because that’s real. And I vow to always keep it real here with y’all. Plain and simply put, let’s just enjoy our coffee together today, maybe do a little retail therapy, and look fabulous and fashionably ready for whatever life throw’s our way this week. After all, it’s a journey! Glad you’re here with me and I love ya a latté! See what I did there… :) Hope that made you laugh!

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Photos by Megan Travis