The Rosy Life & Managing Feeling Overwhelmed

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What do you do when you get that feeling? You know what I’m talking about. The dreaded first signs of feeling overwhelmed creeping up into your chest and paralyzing your thoughts. This happens to me in different situations of life. For example sometimes it’s a feeling of joyous overwhelm, flooded with emotions of excitement and anticipation…like starting something new (whether it be a relationship, job, big project etc.). It’s like you don’t want to screw it up so just that fear alone can be overwhelming. And other times it is overwhelming making decisions, because you so badly want to make the right one! But how do you know?

So, I’m going to spill what I’ve learned along the way and what I do to manage this feeling and so you too can keep your emotions in check, in a healthy way, next time you’re pushing through that feeling of being overwhelmed.

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Let’s take a walk shall we? No literally. If you stop and think for a minute what being overwhelmed really comes down to, I think its partly the inability to departmentalize emotions in a healthy way, while not letting whatever it is completely consume you or become debilitating. I myself notice when I start to get too overwhelmed, I’ll start to just disengage because it’s too much to process.

So here’s what I’ve learned to do when this happens. Exercise. Even if it is just going on a brief walk while the weathers nice, can be so therapeutic for the mind. It always helps me gain clarity that I tend to need when facing feelings of being overwhelmed.

Next I organize. I organize my thoughts and anything in my life that may be leading to this feeling. Whether that be updating my calendar, making a to do list so I don’t have to keep thinking about all these things I need to do, creating a timeline for the thing I need to accomplish, etc. These are all healthy ways to organize so when you revisit whatever it is that caused that overwhelming feeling, you’ll feel much more equip to take on the task and day.

Relationships. Not just with your spouse, friends and family, but with yourself. Try to carve out some “me time” to do something you love. For you it may be hiking, for your friend it may be journaling, and for me it’s getting a massage or pedicure! Take time for yourself to digress alone with your thoughts, and then rely on your support team of friends and family. Do something fun with them! It’s always a good way to get your mind off the not so important things, and provide clear perspective on what truly is important in life.

Last I pray. Because I believe God always has a plan and things usually end up falling into place exactly how they were supposed to and it never makes sense until it actually happens, but nevertheless I pray and keep faith. And if all else fails, just take a vacation! Kidding…maybe not. :) So tell, me what do you do when this happens?

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