It's all about the Hair and What it means for your Health

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Hi friends! Today’s “Coffee with Jess”, is a bit light hearted with a deeper message of self care. As many of you know, my husband Mark and I have been much more apt to use vegan, cruelty free products, clean products free of harsh chemicals, and shop organic, non-gmo foods. Even gluten free recently! Whether its what we use to clean the carpets for a spill, or what we directly ingest or inhale into our body, we’re becoming more and more conscious of the products we choose and how those products may negatively or positively affect our health. Especially when it’s come to our hair-care as those products seep directly into your body through the pores in your scalp.

Now I have to say, I am no doctor and I am certainly not an expert in this field. But I do think we’ve come a long way and part of it started last year when Mark was diagnosed with Lymphoma. You just start to research and learn more about things that can seriously affect your health positively or negatively. Now, I will say we are also not perfect. I don’t think anything will ever cure my hang over like a good cold coca-cola, and we both love some cheesy pizza, but in moderation is the key. Plus I always find it easier to embrace a lifestyle change if it’s not so shocking and brutally cutting yourself off from all things you like to indulge in. That is not sustainable in my opinion.

I heard on a reputable podcast interview recently that the average women leaves the house with over 120 different chemicals soaking into her body through her scalp and skin just simply from our hygiene products like deodorant, soap, shampoos, lotions, dry shampoo, make-up, perfumes and styling products. YIKES! I don’t know about you but that scares me. What are the long term affects going to be from that? I don’t think we truly know yet.

But knowing enough (and I truly believe knowledge is power), we’ve decided to be a little more educated in these product decisions and have started using things like essential oils vs. candles (for the most part), and using vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products. Next up I am going to start buying clean beauty products like the brand Beauty Counter I’ve hear is a good one.

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I always silently laugh in my head when I see people who are sooooo into eating clean and vegan and organic etc. yet they put so many harsh ingredients into their body still through their hygiene products. And then the ones constantly posting about the different drug store hair products they use, and we know they don’t really use those bad products, kills me!! I laugh because it’s the only thing I can do to keep calm because it’s so not real and counter intuitive! But hey, life’s about learning and no one is perfect and neither am I. Baby steps towards a healthier future right? Before Mark’s health crisis and our friend told us about these hair products, we didn’t know any better either.

The hair care products we started using last year after Mark finished his chemo treatments, were actually initially tested on cancer patients, which is how we found out about them through one of my girl friends. They’re free of harsh, toxic sulfates and chemicals as well as certified vegan and cruelty free - an added bonus. Plus they actually work. One of the best parts about the products among many things is the two special ingredients (Capixyl and patented rejuvenique oil) designed to grow hair, and reverse hair back to it’s original state prior to all the damaging that occurs over time, just like to your skin, hair ages. They’ve truly been game changing for us and I’d love to share more about them with you if you’re interested in trying them out. It’s great because you have 30 days to try the products and can send them back for a refund if you’re not happy. Nothing better than when a company actually stands behind their products y’all!

You can DM me on the gram, leave me a comment below or directly email me at if you’d like to learn more! Well that’s it for this Monday friends. Hope you have a healthy and prosperous week!

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