Pre-Fall Outfit Inspo

Featuring Cute Kimono's and Cut off Booties


If you live in a warmer climate state like I do, you know how real the struggle can be when it comes time for Fall. I'm seriously praying to God in Heaven that he sends Fall to Florida this year...PUHHLLEEEZEEE!!! It's so stinkin' hot here, and everyone's all excited for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Fall fashion, and I am all over here like, here we go again! Can we just see like high 70's? LOL

In a perfect world I literally would want to fly to a cooler weather climate each and every weekend to enjoy the crisp air, the fall scents, and the toasty-tasty beverages (not to mention the chic and cozy FALL FASHION!!). Since that most likely will not be my reality (but hey you never know!!), I'm sharing some tips for how to start transitioning your wardrobe to Fall before it actually cools off.

Tip #1 of the day. Select a pair of breathable ankle booties like mine that can be worn with or without a light sock. I love these because they are light weight and the perforated detailing around the edges not only adds style but actually makes them breathable. They also dip down low on each side, leaving room for air to flow and your foot more exposed. They're really comfy and fit like my normal boot size- 7 1/2. Comes in several colors.

Tip #2 of the day. Select a pretty, flowy kimono to add to your ensemble, whether it be paired with a dress, denim, or tank and shorts, this instantly adds another layer that won't make you sweat. And we all know Fall is about those gorgeous layers, materials and textures. You could go with a deeper Fall colored one if you're really ready, but I'm still slightly holding onto some sunshine with my floral-blush pick. Happy Shopping!

PS- The most important thing here, is that TAYLOR SWIFT literally comes out with a new song tonight after three years! Who else is excited?!?!

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