A Dress full of Nostalgic Charm

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All American Girl

That’s correct. One all American Girl doll named Samantha coming right up! In all seriousness y’all, I was immediately drawn to this dress from the September Gal Meets Glam collection, but it wasn’t until I received it in the mail and tried it on did I realize why. And just like that, it clicked. The dress is full of nostalgia and charm for me, for when I looked in the mirror I was transported back in time to when I received my first and favorite American Girl doll, Samantha (click here to see her). Isn’t it interesting how the subconscious mind works, just naturally pulling me towards this beautiful piece?

The dress literally felt made for me, and the whole American Girl look including the knee high socks and bow was not intentional until all the sudden it became very intentional! It seriously was just the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, wrapping up the weekend with happy memories and child-like giddy.

SeaCrest Equestrian Center is thoroughbred beauty (pun intended). The grounds are full of southern humility and grace. It’s simply put, stunning. The stables made me feel like I was straight out of a storybook (except maybe playing the role of Felicity instead of Samantha). You can sign up for riding lessons for all advances or simply board your horse there. With its luxury resort like feelings, if I had a horse of my own and lived in Central Florida this is surely where he or she would find their home sweet home.

Bree is the owner and her sister Brooke helps run things. She realized pretty early on in her life that caring for, teaching and showing horses was her passion and she turned that passion and dream of hers, albeit the risky choice, into a reality and a successful one nevertheless. I admire that entrepreneurial drive in any woman I meet. Her daughter Bella was the sweetest little thing, introducing me to all her horsey friends. She especially loves the little one—Blueberry (who made her debut on my insta story). I think its because they’re both small, so cute and have the same bangs! What an adorable afternoon!

Let’s talk about my new best friend for a moment though. Meet Jake. The absolute sweetest, most darling horse I have ever met. Bree was not kidding when she said he’s like a puppy who will follow you around. I took riding lessons for about 2 years but a very long time ago, and Jake has me wanting to potentially re-establish that passion of mine. He is that sweet y’all! All in all it made for quite the picturesque Sunday and I would love to go back any time they’ll have me. '

For More information on SeaCrest Equestrian Center click here.

Beautiful photo’s were taken by Carolina of Montes Digital- Check her out here.

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