An Autumn Picnic with the Girls

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With the feel of the crisp Autumn air and the beautifully colored foliage, the change in season is such a nice time to enjoy outdoors together before winter hits. If you’re looking for something simple and fun to do with your girlfriends that will switch things up from your usual brunch spot, a Fall/Autumn themed picnic is a great idea! Here’s how…

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The set up was simple, the hors e’oeuvres tasty, and the company fabulous of course. With our modern day Belmont Picnic basket by picnic time, comes an insulated zippered section to keep small plates and beverages cold and all the pretty glasses and place settings are neatly tucked in place, so all you’ll need to pack is the food, blankets, and some sparkling water or wine. I love the timeless design of these baskets with the combination of modern functionality, making this such a pretty and easy daytime activity to put on for you and your friends.

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So first you’ll want to figure out where you want to have this. Anywhere secluded or with a pretty view will do. When planning this afternoon, us girls discussed wanting to find a quiet, peaceful area, maybe tucked away in the trees for extra cozy Fall vibes. We found just that at the RT lodge. They even have these adorable string lights hung year round. It was the perfect setting for our afternoon of fun.

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To add a little décor keeping with the theme of the Autumn season, we kept it simple with some assorted orange and white little pumpkins, also serving as a way to keep the blanket down on one side. I picked up some fresh flowers from the local farmers market and hollowed a medium size white pumpkin to add some Fall florals to the scene. More on that here.

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Next you may want to figure out what to wear since you’ll be sitting on the ground, to look cute but still feel comfortable. Since the weather started to cool off, we went for layers with comfortable, casual jeans and pretty pieces from the Draper James Fall collection. I feel like most women associate Draper James with their dresses (probably because they are beautiful!) but they also have some really pretty coats and layering pieces like the sweaters and tops we wore for our picnic!

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Last but not least, what to bring to eat and drink! Keep it simple and pack light sandwiches and croissants, or an assortment of cheese, meats and fruits like we did. If you’re detoxing for the day like we were, sparkling water is just right for that little something special but non-alcoholic and not just basic water. A nice red wine would be great with the cheese though too! The picnic time basket comes with a beverage opener and plastic glasses that look like glass, so don’t fret there! You’re covered. Picnic Time’s Tosacana wooden serving pieces are absolutely stunning too and worked as a perfect way to display and serve the charcuterie prepared.

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All in all, this is such a nice way to get outside and soak up the fresh cool air. You could do this with family or for a romantic day date too! My tips would just be to dress comfortably and in layers so you’re prepared for the cooler temperatures we are now experiencing (even in the south!), and pack simple plates like fruit, cheese and crackers. Another pro tip. Invest in one of their outdoor picnic blankets to use as your base like we did here to avoid any dewy grass and ants coming through the fabric to invade your perfect little picnic party. We then used a plaid tablecloth that Lauren picked up and a burlap like throw blanket in layers to set the scene not only for practicality, but for pretty. Now we’re all just looking forward to doing this again and hope you get to give it a try this season too!

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A very special Thank you to Draper James, and Picnic Time for Sponsoring today’s post and to RT lodge for their hospitality while hosting us!!

Photos by the lovely Morgan Smythe Photography

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