Official Feminine Sweater Weather Attire

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You guys! I can’t even begin to explain to y’all how excited I am for Fall! Can you just say it with me here now a few times so I don’t say it a million more times in this post…Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall! It’s officially Fall, Yay!! Ok, so you’ll have to excuse my slight over excitement here but for good reason. Don’t forget that you’re talking to a born and raised Florida girl, and it’s my first time officially experiencing a true Fall season now that we live in North Carolina. And now, there’s no better time to be basic and say… that is something I am completely “here for” friends!! Yay for Fall!

And with this season change comes all the things my Florida heart has been dreaming of. Like enjoying a PSL while its not 9 degrees out! Or enjoying evening walks and front porch sits while cozied up in a blanket drinking a glass of red wine. Or just being able to dress for the season really!

Fall fashion is so fun to me because of all the different directions you can take it with layers. And nothing screams sweater weather to me more than a beautiful cashmere sweater that you love so much, you buy in an assortment of colors and will wear for years to come. From leggings and mock neck tunics with vests, to sweater dresses and scarfs, or booties and your favorite new pair of denim, or skirts with over the knee boots, and dresses with layered cashmere…you get the picture! I love it all!

Now that it’s finally started to cool off to the 70’s, 60’s and 50’s it looks like for good, I’m able to incorporate more of this gorgeous Fall fashion into daily looks and inspo for your closet refresh! And I’m completely in love with it.

Today’s look shows you how to style the same dress two ways during this chilly season. It was perfect for the first Autumn weekend we spent in Boston strolling the streets of the north end. While walking around in the morning, I found it perfect to pair this lavender cashmere sweater over my feminine floral dress to keep me warm. As temperatures rise throughout the day, you can easily peel off the sweater, which is the beauty of layering classic staple pieces throughout each Autumn season. Don’t you just love the color of this cashmere one over the Fall floral dress though? Shopping details are all below for you. And happy Official Fall (PS- sorry, not sorry I still said Fall about 100 more times in this post, haha! A girl can only try…)

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