Friends & Family Sale

At Loft

And its 40% off everything you guys! Just use code FRIENDS at check out. Here are all the outfit details to each look I styled on my Instagram Stories at Loft for ya’ll today, plus at the very bottom, several of my other favorite pieces I didn’t share on my stores, just exclusively here for y’all! Let me know if you have any sizing questions still or what you absolutely loved from this try on! Happy Shopping!

Look 1

loft sale look 1.JPG

Look 2

Loft Sale look 2.JPG

Look 3

Loft sale look 3.JPG
loft sale look 3 plaid.JPG

Look 4

Loft sale look 4.JPG

Look 5

loft sale look 5.JPG

Look 6

loft sale look 6.JPG

My Other favorite pieces only showing here

Frapps&Frills Signature.png