Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Must Haves

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Shop only my "Must haves" from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Girl on a Budget

Hi my loves! Like I mentioned on Instagram if you saw my post, I'm only sharing my must haves from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. If you're like me and don't have 3 months of pay to spend on this sale but want to snag some of the great deals on only the top goods, keep reading.

I've got to be honest. This year I found myself staring at Instagram and the computer screen for the Nordy sale a little frustrated and annoyed (which is way different than last year for me). Let me explain. It's nothing against Nordstrom so first off let me clear that air. I love the brands they carry and will always shop there. I love that they do this sale as an affordable way to find some staple pieces that are mostly new items for the Fall season (not all old items like most sales).

I'm a little put off because like you, I also follow some bloggers. And it seems like my ENTIRE Instagram feed has been nothing but bloggers posting their pics from the sale. Now I know you're thinking, um so did you. But let me explain. There are only so many items included in the sale and it seems like sooo many people continuously post the same items over and over, and how boring would this world be if we all dressed the same, and looked the exact same!? You see I'm all about finding your personal style and staying true to that on top of incorporating fun fashion trends each season. However, I'll never start wearing a trend that doesn't align with who I am just because I see it on Insta on all the "cool" bloggers. You've got to find a balance and incorporate trends on your own terms and in your own way.

Additionally, its crazy how life can change so much in just one year. Last year I was all shop till you drop with this sale and linked to tons of items for you all, but truth is I ordered probably half of the items. Now, trust me options are never a bad thing and I always want to give you all options, but this year I've made an effort to share more of what I LOVE and only the things I LOVE to shop and great deals I find on items that never go out of style. If you have similar style and taste then I'm sure you'll find that inspiring rather than basic. And if you don't then you probably won't follow along with me and I'm now totally ok with that and love it actually! Because I am me- and I love me. You will see me doing more sharing of my personal style finds for all of Life's occasions- Weddings, events, work, lounging, weekend-wear, and vacation pieces.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I've got this unique perspective now and different perception, because of how different my life is this time of year versus last. As many of you know my husband Mark has been battling Lymphoma and going through chemotherapy, therefore has not been working since the beginning of the year. Add that into the medical bills that show up at our doorstep every week and a single income versus dual, and boy that will give you some good perspective and surely change your lifestyle. And I am also ok with that because we have learned so much about our lifestyle through this and will always look for the silver lining in any challenge Mark and I face together.

All of that being said, here are my must haves (plus several options because it was too hard to narrow it down for certain things) from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

2 unique sweaters (1 & 2). 2 different shades of denim (1 & 2). 2 statement dresses (1 & 2). 1 versatile scarf. A couple pairs of pastel-like nude ankle booties and flats. 2 feminine coats (1 & 2). 1 edgy-girly jacket. My favorite pajamas (am actually wearing last years version of them as I type this post for you). A colorful T-shirt in staying true to my style. The never go out of style it bag and staple earrings of Fall. Under $25 Lounging Sweatshirt. Last but not least, the faux leather leggings you can't live without. Seriously.