Taylor Swift's - Lover Review, Interpretation and my Favorites

Guys! It’s finally here! The highly anticipated TS7 era and album, titled “Lover”. So my fellow “Swifties” may be thinking, ok you’re a little late to the party J Frapp because the album’s been out for a week now. And I hear that. The reason I’ve been kind of quiet over here is because I really wanted to give it a good listen before I shared my favorites and opinions. And now that I’ve had the album on repeat for a solid week, I’m so in love and ready to spill my heart with…

Friday's Frilly Finds Bow Details

Give me all the bows! I am such a sucker for a good bow. Whether it be on my shoes, my handbag, my dress, my hat or even my dog’s collar (lol), I just can’t resist a nice, crisp bow. If you enjoy feminine fashion like I do, then you are going to love today’s finds, because I’ve rounded up everything good right now that’s full of southern belle bows and charm Including the pink leopard dress I’m wearing here! So put a bow on it already and shop on…

Friday's Frilly Finds Work Edition

So lately I’ve been on the hunt for work appropriate outfits that are not only cute and good to wear to work but that are also comfortable and breathable to keep me cool in this Summer heat. The tough thing about Summer work wear though is that because of the heat, indoors the AC is typically blasting, making it sometimes chilly once inside.

That being said, just like in the Fall, I’ve found …

What I packed for Fourth of July

fourth of july packing.jpg

A look inside my favorite luggage into what I packed for the Fourth! Because a girls got to have options, am I right? Shop my styles below. Plus my luggage is on major sale right now! :)

Frapps&Frills Signature.png