Christmas Cookie Bake Off with Mom

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And the craziest with all the hustle and bustle, to be completely honest. It’s so important that we all remember to slow down and take a moment to truly enjoy the happiest season of all. Christmas cookie baking is a Christmas tradition that among the chaos, is an important one to carry on. Every year it’s also some mother daughter time I get to share with my Momma!

So this year we decided to have a little fun with it and in between my mom basically re-teaching me every thing I learn and forget each year in the kitchen (guilty!), we decided to have a little friendly competition. Yup, it’s a Christmas cookie bake off….

My Rose Gold, Blush Pink and Red Flocked Christmas Tree

pink and red bow and christmas tree.JPG
pink and red flocked christmas tree.JPG
christmas tree close up.JPG

A guide to creating your dream Christmas Tree

Hello Christmas Tree of my Dreams!! If you saw my latest IG TV, you know I’ve always loved rose gold and especially love red and pink together - and having it on my Christmas tree is no exception. For more on where I got the inspiration to dream up this tree and how I started click here. I love this pink and red decorated flocked tree so much, that I didn’t feel the need to create a whole new look this year. Besides, who has the money or time to re-do their Christmas tree every year?! Not I!

However, you can give the same decorated tree a fresh look every year by changing out one element or adding in a new element. Click here if you missed my IG TV Christmas Tree Decorating video for same major Inspo! For our 2018 refresh, this holiday season we had the main wall behind the tree wallpapered and added a modern electric fireplace which created a whole new cozy glam vibe as compared to last year. I also added the same pink ribbon on the tree topper bow, to the centers of the bows on the surrounding stairway garland.

Besides being a tree I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of, One of the best things about this tree is if you’re a gal on a budget, you can totally replicate this tree. You’ll definitely have an investment to make up front but in comparison to the expensive catalogues and boutique Christmas stores, this look is very affordable. Plus you’ll want to keep this decor for years to come!

I found almost everything on my tree, including the actual tree, 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Each season they put their Christmas stuff (even the new) on sale. I bought the tree and all of the ornaments last year and everything held up wonderfully using the storage containers I purchased last year - for more about the storage boxes click here. It was soooo easy to redecorate this year because everything was in tact and organized. Add in a few things from Homegoods and some beautifully wrapped presents under the tree and you’re golden girl! Let the countdown to Christmas begin!

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Photographs by Carolina of Montes Digital Consulting

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The Gift of Joy

Joy by Dior Photo 1.JPG

Delights the Soul

If there’s one thing my husband Mark and I have learned this year, as it was unexpectedly tough with Mark being diagnosed with Lymphoma early in the year and battling that Cancer, is that it is so important to find joy. To find joy in the small and sacred moments of life is something to be cherished and relished in. We’ve learned to let go of anyone and anything that brings negativity to life as life truly is too short to let anything or anyone be a thief of your joy.

We are overjoyed that Mark beat cancer in August and that 2018 is soon to be in the past, having taught us many valuable lessons. We’re looking forward to a fresh start, and continue to seek out the simplicity of occurrences that bring us joy!

To me, I’ve always found it so fascinating how a simple song, scent or place that comes about unexpectedly can instantly flash us back in time to a sacred memory. The power of scent can transform your mood instantly. Think about the scent of your moms home made pasta sauce, your grandmother’s floral perfume, your grandpop’s cherry tobacco smoke scent on his coat, a brand new car, the cologne your high school sweet heart wore. I bet when you pass a stranger in a shopping mall with that scent, you instantly think of that old special someone. Or how about how a puppy travels home with it’s new parents usually with a toy or blanket that has the scent of their mother.

You see, scent has the power to calm and awaken the mind, body and soul, which is why the gift of a fragrance that delights is the perfect gift this season. It’s because it’s something more than a simple scent. It’s a feeling. And right now, that feeling is joy - greeting you with the vibrant scent of flowers, citrus and silky smooth sandalwood.

May you continue to find joy, however it presents itself during the hustle and bustle of this busy season.

Purchase the gift of Joy by Dior here.

Thank you to Dior Fragrances for sponsoring today’s post!!

Photography by Carolina Montes, Montes Digital Consulting

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Best Storage units for organizing your Christmas Décor


Packing up the Christmas Decorations

It's already time to pack up the decorations. Christmas came and went faster than ever it seems! So it is time to get organized and clean up...You can shop my picks for storing all your Christmas Decorations below. This helps stay organized, making it easier to un-pack and decorate again next year! I've included the ones I thought had the better reviews and at a more affordable price point.


Glitz and Glam New Years Eve Dresses

Flapper Style meets Modern Glam



Our Christmas Card 2018

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

{And A Happy New Year}

couples southern christmas card.jpg
couples christmas.jpg
christmas dress.JPG
couples mistletoe christmas pic.JPG
couple newlywed christmas card.JPG
couples christmas card.jpg
Last but not least, my husband Mark's idea to take a vintage looking photograph! You know, like the family portraits from back in the day where no one smiled?! LOL it was so hard not to laugh, I am about to loose it laughing right after this shot happened. Always fun times with him and working with  Katelynn Carlson Photography !

Last but not least, my husband Mark's idea to take a vintage looking photograph! You know, like the family portraits from back in the day where no one smiled?! LOL it was so hard not to laugh, I am about to loose it laughing right after this shot happened. Always fun times with him and working with Katelynn Carlson Photography!

We had the best time working with Katelynn Carlson to capture these fun Holiday cheerful moments for our Christmas Card! This year I debated on whether to do photo's and a card or not, just because we have been so busy, especially around this time, but then I remembered how fun it is, and the joy it may bring to our friends and family. I am so glad we decided to take these photos! We continue to create fun memories in our new home and are so excited for our first Christmas in our first home!

Call us crazy but we decided to be bold and brave this year and offered to host Christmas at our home. We are actually really looking forward to it. I've got a plan and the help of my mom (who is an awesome cook), so what could go wrong right? (I say this with a little sarcasm!)

So it's going to be Mark and I, my mom and dad, his mom and dad, his older Sister and her husband, plus her three kids (twin 4 year olds and a one year old). Sooo when all else fails, we've got frozen on DVD for the TV room upstairs! Haha but actually I am trying to make it as fun and relaxing as possible for everyone, while keeping the kids involved and on good behavior. Here's my plan...

So the kids always see us taking photos with our Canon Camera and know all about snap chat and how to use the cell phone to take pics. Problem is no one really wants them messing up their phone or the expensive camera (Yikes!!). So I went to Target and bought them the old school disposable Kodak Camera's for like 10 bucks! Now they can run around the house taking as many photo's as they can till it runs out and get them developed if they want. When that wears off, I ordered this cute little kids table from amazon, and have a basket of 4 Red shatterproof Ornaments for the table and Christmas themed stickers, so they can make their own ornaments to take home! I also bought these pre-made plain red cards at Hobby lobby that they can decorate with stickers and make a card for their parents. Of course we also got them a little something so if they're good, they'll get to open their gifts towards the end of the dinner party. I'm curious what do you all do to keep your kids entertained and involved during the holiday festivities?

Anywhoo....I could go on and on and on, but I'll let y'all go. Just want to send some Christmas love your way and thank you all so much for being a part of my life. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, New Year with lots of love!

Love, The Frappampinas

Photographs via: Katelynn Carlson Photography


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Also the Porch Holiday Decor is mainly from Grandin Road, Hobby Lobby, and Homegoods. Direct link to the full post with decor details HERE. :) Indoor Decor full post details linked HERE.

NYE Dresses


A Glitz and Glam NYE

NYE is around the corner you guys! What are your plans?! I'm still debating whether to glam it up or snuggle up on the couch watching the specials and ball drop! Anyways, if you're planning to glam it up and party, I've rounded up all the best glitzy dresses for a New Years Eve that's sure to sparkle!

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Pom Pom Sweater & Holiday Cheer

pompom christmas ideas.jpg
pom pom sweater.jpg

The Cutest Pom Pom Sweater

Hi Friends!! Just a throwback here to when I was drawing in some Christmas decorating ideas for around the house, and brainstorming some fun ideas for you this Holiday Season! Blogging is so much more than dressing pretty and taking photos. There is a lot of creativity, planning, organization and work behind the scenes that goes into everything. I hope you all have been enjoying what I've been up to this Season, and as always, thank you for following along, allowing me to continue following my dreams and living the life of my dreams. You are appreciated! Happy Holidays!

*Christmas Playlist*

1. Andy Williams- It's the most wonderful time of the year

2. Mariah Carey- Christmas (Baby please come home)

3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra- Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24 Instrumental

4. Nsync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

5. Michael Bublé- Holly Jolly Christmas

6. John Lenon- Happy Xmas (war is over)

7. Trans-Siberian Orchestra- Christmas Canon

8. Bobby Helms- JIngle Bell Rock

9. NOTA- The Little Drummer Bow

10. Darlene Love- Marshmallow World

11. Andy Williams- Sleigh Ride

12. Chuck Berry- Run Rudolph Run

13. Johnny Mathis- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

14. NOTA- All I want for Christmas is you

15. Manheim Steamroller- Carol of the Bells

16. Percy Faith and his orchestra- We need a little Christmas

17. Boston Pops Orchestra- Sleigh Ride

18. Carrie Underwood- Do you hear what I hear

19. Johnny Mathis- Winter wonderland

20. The Drifters- White Christmas

21. Diana Krall & The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra- Let it Snow

22. Pentatonix- O come all ye Faithful

23. Leann Rimes- Santa Baby

24. Nat King Cole- Deck the Halls

25. Glee cast- Baby it's cold outside

26. Idina Menzel- Let it go

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Plaid about you this Christmas

gift giver.jpg
plaid blouse.jpg

Plaid Blouse this Christmas

Yes babes, I'm plaid about y'all this Christmas! Ok so maybe I'm a bit of a cheese ball but I couldn't resist the pun on words here. Or maybe I've had a bit too much eggnog. Joking!!

Actually in all seriousness, I just wanted to dedicate a post to the "Givers" this season. You know who you are, and you always remember it is better to give than to receive. You tirelessly run around to make sure everything is perfect and people are pleased. You give without the expectation of an ounce of it returned. It makes you feel good to know you've brightened someones day. Or maybe your just always the bigger person, giving knowing it would be a drop dead miracle should that particular person ever be generous and go out of their way to do something or give something thoughtful to you in return. Keep taking that high route girl!

Why does it always seem like the people who have the most are the Ebeneezer Scrooges this time of year? Anyone else relate? We all know that someone, blessed beyond means but its always an excuse of "running out of time"or something of the sorts. But like I said, always remember its so much better to give than to receive. In the spirit of the season, I hope it is a really blessed one, and that you are inspired after reading this to do something thoughtful for someone you've maybe forgotten or taken for granted lately. Don't take the ones you love for granted. I am guilty of it too. And in the spirit of the season, may it be joyous and beautiful knowing you've shared joy and happiness with others, no matter how small the gesture. It goes a long way. Merry Christmas...5 more days!!


But Baby it's Warm Inside Pajamas

baby its warm inside pajamas.jpg
wrapping christmas presents.jpg
gone mad christmas wrapping.jpg
warm inside pjs giggling.jpg
christmas decorating in jammies.jpg
wrapping paper and cozy pajamas.jpg
ugg slippers on sale.jpg

Cozy, Warm, Cute Pajamas

Baby, let the madness begin! But, how adorable are these pajamas?! The top says "Baby its warm inside". Indeed it is! Anyone else love that song though? I just love this time of year. Wrapping presents can be sooo frustrating though, especially when you're a perfectionist like me. Its a curse!! LOL So this year I decided to have fun with it!

I snuggled up in these cute and cozy pajamas by my tree, put on some of my favorite Christmas music, drank some hot cocoa and went to town. Of course I had to snap a few photos for y'all in between the wrapping madness! It was actually a lot of fun, and I've got to say, I think I've done my best wrapping job yet! I'm sharing details to these festive jammies here. 6 more days to go...

PS- my ugg slippers are now on sale!!

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Red Bows & Sashes

rachel parcell gifting idea.jpg
rachel parcell holiday blouse.jpg
red bow rachel parcell top presents.jpg
rachel parcell top decorating.jpg
rachel parcell red bow blouse.jpg
Red bow RP top lissi lerch earring.jpg

Tis the Season!

Let the countdown to Christmas continue! I can't believe Christmas is one week from today! Clearly I love some Holiday cheer, ribbons and bows. So as soon as this blouse was released from the Rachel Parcell Collection, I knew I had to have it. I may re-wear it again on Christmas day but with a skirt or leggings and pumps. I'm still undecided. Either way this is one of my favorite tops this holiday season!

It's so feminine and Chic and can be dressed down with jeans (how I've styled it here), or dressed up by tucking it into a pencil skirt or fit and flare style skirt with OTK boots or pumps. I'm providing all outfit details below, but unfortunately I think the top is sold out still, so I have also linked some other great festive finds from her collection. Hope you all have a Blessed & Merry week!

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*Similar Styles Here*


Christmas Sweaters and Cookies

christmas sweater and cookies 1.jpg
christmas sweaters 2.jpg
christmas sweaters 5.jpg
christmas sweaters 3.jpg
christmas sweaters 4.jpg

Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?!

Busted can't be trusted! Cookies, for Santa...I think not...Sorry not sorry! lol You caption this post. I had so much fun taking these photo's with Katelynn! We were both feeling ultra festive, and not going to lie, these cookies were really tasty! And they are so cute. I found them at the Fresh Market. :) Anyways, this red sweater is so cozy to snuggle up in and watch Christmas movies or listen to some Christmas music by the tree (The sweater is under $30 too!).

I've got my outfit info, as well as some of the cutest sweaters for your Holiday included in this post! Almost everything's on sale right now! And how gorgeous is this grey ombré fur throw BTW?! It is sooo soft!

*My Outfit/Product Details Here*

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*My favorite Sweaters for Christmas Time*


Comfy Cozy Pretty Details Sweater

Cozy Ivory detailed sweater.jpg
comfy cozy ivory sweater.jpg
pretty detail sweater.jpg

Comfy & Cozy In my Ivory Sweater

*My Outfit Details Here*

With Christmas being only 10 days away (Can you believe it?!), I am feeling super festive!! I love this ivory sweater because although I've dressed it up with a red lip and Holiday Decor to make it extra Christmasy, it is something I can continue to wear throughout the winter season well after Christmas. I am wearing a size Small so it fits pretty true to size and is a bit oversized in length which I love, so you could pair it with leggings too for an extra cozy look. I also love the cute little pom detail pattern on it, which keeps it from being a boring, typical ivory sweater. In fact one year several years ago I remember having to find a cute ivory sweater for my husbands family Christmas photos (this was before we got married). It was so sweet of them to include me, but with my lighter skin, ivory can totally wash me out, and that year there were like ZERO cute ivory sweaters! LOL! Where was this one when I really needed it?! Wish I could find those photos to share with y'all haha!! Anywho, I've linked all details to shop what I wore and similar items below, just in time for Christmas. May it be a Merry one!

*Similar Items Here*


Gift Guide for the Girly Girl

gift guide for the girly girl.JPG

Cutest Christmas Pajamas

christmas pj couples style.JPG
christmas pj pillow fight.JPG
christmas pillow fight.JPG
christmas slippers.JPG
plaid slippers.JPG

Cutest Christmas PJ's - Couple's Style

Pillow fight!!!! Nothing breaks the ice or squashes a fight like a good old fashioned pillow fight!! Actually this was my creative idea to loosen my husband up in front of the camera prior to taking our Christmas card photos. He prefers being behind the camera, despite having been a model, so this is how we started our shoot. I knew this would do the trick to get him in the spirit and ready for our photos...ladies make anything a competition or way for him to show off his "Man skills", and next thing you know he's all in. Worked like a charm! Hahaha!!

On a seriously festive note though, I've created an entire boutique-shop of the cutest Christmas Pajamas for you all organized here, in case you are still shopping for some or gifting some. I've also included some cozy slippers, blankets and fun holiday pillows because you can't have the perfect PJs without the perfect slippers! Details to our Christmas PJ couple style are also shop-able by clicking product images below. Don't wait too much longer to order, Christmas is coming so quickly!! Happy Shopping!

*Our Christmas PJ Style Details here*

*Cutest Christmas PJ Shop*

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Plaid Festive Scarf and Porch Decor

festive front porch decor.JPG
christmas red and green plaid scarf.JPG
festive plaid scarf and porch decor.JPG

Red & Green Festive Plaid Christmas Scarf plus Holiday Lantern + Planter Tutorial

Hi Friends!! I'm all festive and Fa La La La Laing my way through this month. I think Christmas is only 14 days away now...eeeeeek!!! It's been so nice now that the weather has cooled off significantly, it's easy to get in the spirit. I love how festive this plaid Jcrew scarf is too, paired with black for a Holiday Chic look!

So on a side note, my husband thinks I am crazy when it comes to decorating (I may be a little insane but hey its ok!). I planted 17 poinsettias in our front yard, and started shopping and scheming up a plan for our decorations back in November. Honestly though I just love Christmas! But since I'm on a sliiiighhhtt budget, I've got to shop smart, and that's when all the deals started.

Whatever you do, have fun with your Christmas decorating! Through on some Holiday tunes and a festive outfit and let yourself get carried away in joyful jubilee!

To re-create my lanterns (that I staggered on our front porch steps), Find three lanterns in varying sizes. I found these on sale at pier one and bought the size large and 2 small ones. You can find them at Homegoods and Hobby Lobby too. Then I purchased a large set of multicolored shatterproof ornaments, and battery operated rice lights. Stagger the ornaments in different colors as you intertwine the lights through them. The ornaments will make the wire stay where you want it when you place one on top or to the side. Make sure you wait five to ten minutes before you want them to turn on at night to do this, as they are on a timer 6hrs on, 18hrs off, so you will want them to turn on at the time you prefer. You won't be able to get to the timer on the lights once you've stacked the ornaments in there just right. :)

To re-create my faux floral arrangements in my Grandin Road Nantucket Planters, head to your local craft store. I found everything at Hobby Lobby 50% off. Draw inspiration from something you see and love, and then pick out the rest of the flowers and decor to go in the planter from there. That's your inspo piece. For me, I knew I wanted poinsettias or something red, but when I got to the store I fell in love with these snow flocked ones. So I started with that. To create interest and fullness, I bought a bundle of faux deeper red dahlias and used a wire cutter to cut each flower off individually to place around the perimeter in varying heights. I then slightly snow flocked them in my driveway with a can of snow flocking spray I ordered on Amazon. Next head to the aisle full of greenery and glittery branches that most people use to put on their Christmas trees to spruce things up a bit (pun intended) :). That is where I found the green looking spruce and berries. I slightly snow flocked them too. I also found these adorably whimsical candy cane mint, lollipop looking things. I staggered a few of those in to top it off, adding that whimsical flare and charm that I love. Merry Christmas y'all! 

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My Whimsically Wonderful Christmas Tree


O Christmas Tree how lovely are thy branches

Yes indeed! I am so in love with our tree this year. I saved up for a white flocked tree and found an amazing deal on this one from hobby lobby 50% off. So worth it! It provided the perfect wintery wonderland, white back drop I was looking for this year.

I actually struggled for a bit figuring out how to decorate our tree this year (which many of you know if you watched my Instagram Story where I asked for your tips, tricks and advice). I struggled because I knew I wanted to do something different, but that I also loved, and that combined multiple styles like, whimsical, yet classic, yet glamorous and luxe. So I thought how am I ever going to pull this off?

I started with dreaming of the color scheme I would use. Do I stick with neutrals like gold, silver and blush tones? Do I do pops of red? What about copper/rose gold, as that's what our design elements are in the kitchen, directly across from the tree in our living room. As I looked through Pinterest and Christmas catalogues, it suddenly clicked with me. I was reading Better Homes and Gardens "Christmas Ideas 2017", and on page 8 there is a quote from blogger Michael Wurm (@inspiredbycharm) and it says this. "Always, always, always use what you love and what makes you happy. Don't stress about the decorating. Christmas is such a special time-enjoy it."

So there it was. Just like that, I had clarity and direction. I was heading straight to the shops to search for rose gold pinks and pops of red. I found most of my ornaments at Hobby Lobby on special 50% off, and the velvet blush pink poinsettias at Michael's. The Red velvet ribbon I found is from Grandin Road and the rosey pink/coppery ribbon from Hobby Lobby. Now how was I going to tie it all together in this fairytale like dream I was dreaming of.

I started with the ribbon. Being the red velvet ribbon is on the stairs garland next to the tree, I wanted to stick with that same solid color ribbon. I needed to add that sparkly blush glow and jazz it up a bit from a plain ribbon, which is why as soon as I found this Rose copper and gold striped ribbon, I knew I loved it and was going to tie it with the red velvet as one piece, used as the bow on top of my tree.

From there I started my ornament hunt. To add whimsical flare, I opted for different sized large-medium-small red ornaments. I picked large solid ones for the classic look, and sparkly ones to add the touch of glam. The medium red ones I found either have different texture or shape to create interest. I am obsessed with the red and white polka dot medium sized ones I found as I know that adds that fun whimsical element. To gain classical charm, I opted for staggered large white glittery snowflakes, and different sized white ornaments. This tied in nicely by staggering with the sparkly-glam rose gold and blush pink ornaments. A tip is to stagger different sizes and colors next to each other, like I've done here. Last but not least for that touch of luxe personality...the Blush pink velvet poinsettias. I also used the leftover ribbon to tie bows around the presents under the tree. I think it brings it all together and beuatiful wrapping paper adds for that extra wow factor under the tree.

So there you have it! I love the way it turned out because I followed my heart and used what I loved-what inspired me. Many may judge and say pink and red don't go together but I would disagree. To me they are like fire and ice. That perfect combo that when put together, is pure magic! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear from you all! Merry Christmas, and whatever you decide to do with your tree this year, do what you love and enjoy it!

PS- I found the stockings from Michael's and the pre-lit garland from HomeGoods, if you're wondering!


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