Autumn Scented Candles

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The Scents of the Season

Bring on all of the scented candles!! There's nothing I love more than walking into a home and instantly feeling like its Fall or Christmas time by the way the home smells. I have so many scented candles, my husband thinks I am a candle hoarder. Haha! But, they all just smell so good and I burn them practically every evening or rainy day.

I'll find and buy them at Homegoods, boutiques, order online, from home catalogues...pretty much anywhere! But I will tell you there's nothing I hate more than when a candles wick doesn't burn properly or when the scent is a total let down and just doesn't fill the room or last. That's why lately I have been buying my scented candles at Bath and Body Works. They are a great size, 3 wicks, and the scents are sooo amazing. They last and fill the room making your home smell and feel like the Fall season! The only problem I have is there are soooo many scent choices I always struggle with which ones to choose.

I've tried so many, so I am only linking my favorite ones that really give the room that Fall scent you're looking for that lasts. Unfortunately, one of my favorites (shown here-Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla), isn't showing up on line currently. However there are still plenty of good options left and they're always putting their candles on sell so keep checking back. I usually burn mine around my entryway of the home, the kitchen, and the living room. Happy Fall y'all!

 Spiced Graham Cracker // Pumpkin Apple // Pumpkin Cupcake // Leaves // Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin //