Plaid Festive Scarf and Porch Decor

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festive plaid scarf and porch decor.JPG

Red & Green Festive Plaid Christmas Scarf plus Holiday Lantern + Planter Tutorial

Hi Friends!! I'm all festive and Fa La La La Laing my way through this month. I think Christmas is only 14 days away now...eeeeeek!!! It's been so nice now that the weather has cooled off significantly, it's easy to get in the spirit. I love how festive this plaid Jcrew scarf is too, paired with black for a Holiday Chic look!

So on a side note, my husband thinks I am crazy when it comes to decorating (I may be a little insane but hey its ok!). I planted 17 poinsettias in our front yard, and started shopping and scheming up a plan for our decorations back in November. Honestly though I just love Christmas! But since I'm on a sliiiighhhtt budget, I've got to shop smart, and that's when all the deals started.

Whatever you do, have fun with your Christmas decorating! Through on some Holiday tunes and a festive outfit and let yourself get carried away in joyful jubilee!

To re-create my lanterns (that I staggered on our front porch steps), Find three lanterns in varying sizes. I found these on sale at pier one and bought the size large and 2 small ones. You can find them at Homegoods and Hobby Lobby too. Then I purchased a large set of multicolored shatterproof ornaments, and battery operated rice lights. Stagger the ornaments in different colors as you intertwine the lights through them. The ornaments will make the wire stay where you want it when you place one on top or to the side. Make sure you wait five to ten minutes before you want them to turn on at night to do this, as they are on a timer 6hrs on, 18hrs off, so you will want them to turn on at the time you prefer. You won't be able to get to the timer on the lights once you've stacked the ornaments in there just right. :)

To re-create my faux floral arrangements in my Grandin Road Nantucket Planters, head to your local craft store. I found everything at Hobby Lobby 50% off. Draw inspiration from something you see and love, and then pick out the rest of the flowers and decor to go in the planter from there. That's your inspo piece. For me, I knew I wanted poinsettias or something red, but when I got to the store I fell in love with these snow flocked ones. So I started with that. To create interest and fullness, I bought a bundle of faux deeper red dahlias and used a wire cutter to cut each flower off individually to place around the perimeter in varying heights. I then slightly snow flocked them in my driveway with a can of snow flocking spray I ordered on Amazon. Next head to the aisle full of greenery and glittery branches that most people use to put on their Christmas trees to spruce things up a bit (pun intended) :). That is where I found the green looking spruce and berries. I slightly snow flocked them too. I also found these adorably whimsical candy cane mint, lollipop looking things. I staggered a few of those in to top it off, adding that whimsical flare and charm that I love. Merry Christmas y'all! 

*My Outfit Details Here*