Cutest Christmas Pajamas

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Cutest Christmas PJ's - Couple's Style

Pillow fight!!!! Nothing breaks the ice or squashes a fight like a good old fashioned pillow fight!! Actually this was my creative idea to loosen my husband up in front of the camera prior to taking our Christmas card photos. He prefers being behind the camera, despite having been a model, so this is how we started our shoot. I knew this would do the trick to get him in the spirit and ready for our photos...ladies make anything a competition or way for him to show off his "Man skills", and next thing you know he's all in. Worked like a charm! Hahaha!!

On a seriously festive note though, I've created an entire boutique-shop of the cutest Christmas Pajamas for you all organized here, in case you are still shopping for some or gifting some. I've also included some cozy slippers, blankets and fun holiday pillows because you can't have the perfect PJs without the perfect slippers! Details to our Christmas PJ couple style are also shop-able by clicking product images below. Don't wait too much longer to order, Christmas is coming so quickly!! Happy Shopping!

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