Christmas Sweaters and Cookies

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Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?!

Busted can't be trusted! Cookies, for Santa...I think not...Sorry not sorry! lol You caption this post. I had so much fun taking these photo's with Katelynn! We were both feeling ultra festive, and not going to lie, these cookies were really tasty! And they are so cute. I found them at the Fresh Market. :) Anyways, this red sweater is so cozy to snuggle up in and watch Christmas movies or listen to some Christmas music by the tree (The sweater is under $30 too!).

I've got my outfit info, as well as some of the cutest sweaters for your Holiday included in this post! Almost everything's on sale right now! And how gorgeous is this grey ombré fur throw BTW?! It is sooo soft!

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