But Baby it's Warm Inside Pajamas

baby its warm inside pajamas.jpg
wrapping christmas presents.jpg
gone mad christmas wrapping.jpg
warm inside pjs giggling.jpg
christmas decorating in jammies.jpg
wrapping paper and cozy pajamas.jpg
ugg slippers on sale.jpg

Cozy, Warm, Cute Pajamas

Baby, let the madness begin! But, how adorable are these pajamas?! The top says "Baby its warm inside". Indeed it is! Anyone else love that song though? I just love this time of year. Wrapping presents can be sooo frustrating though, especially when you're a perfectionist like me. Its a curse!! LOL So this year I decided to have fun with it!

I snuggled up in these cute and cozy pajamas by my tree, put on some of my favorite Christmas music, drank some hot cocoa and went to town. Of course I had to snap a few photos for y'all in between the wrapping madness! It was actually a lot of fun, and I've got to say, I think I've done my best wrapping job yet! I'm sharing details to these festive jammies here. 6 more days to go...

PS- my ugg slippers are now on sale!!

*My Outfit Details Here*