My Whimsically Wonderful Christmas Tree


O Christmas Tree how lovely are thy branches

Yes indeed! I am so in love with our tree this year. I saved up for a white flocked tree and found an amazing deal on this one from hobby lobby 50% off. So worth it! It provided the perfect wintery wonderland, white back drop I was looking for this year.

I actually struggled for a bit figuring out how to decorate our tree this year (which many of you know if you watched my Instagram Story where I asked for your tips, tricks and advice). I struggled because I knew I wanted to do something different, but that I also loved, and that combined multiple styles like, whimsical, yet classic, yet glamorous and luxe. So I thought how am I ever going to pull this off?

I started with dreaming of the color scheme I would use. Do I stick with neutrals like gold, silver and blush tones? Do I do pops of red? What about copper/rose gold, as that's what our design elements are in the kitchen, directly across from the tree in our living room. As I looked through Pinterest and Christmas catalogues, it suddenly clicked with me. I was reading Better Homes and Gardens "Christmas Ideas 2017", and on page 8 there is a quote from blogger Michael Wurm (@inspiredbycharm) and it says this. "Always, always, always use what you love and what makes you happy. Don't stress about the decorating. Christmas is such a special time-enjoy it."

So there it was. Just like that, I had clarity and direction. I was heading straight to the shops to search for rose gold pinks and pops of red. I found most of my ornaments at Hobby Lobby on special 50% off, and the velvet blush pink poinsettias at Michael's. The Red velvet ribbon I found is from Grandin Road and the rosey pink/coppery ribbon from Hobby Lobby. Now how was I going to tie it all together in this fairytale like dream I was dreaming of.

I started with the ribbon. Being the red velvet ribbon is on the stairs garland next to the tree, I wanted to stick with that same solid color ribbon. I needed to add that sparkly blush glow and jazz it up a bit from a plain ribbon, which is why as soon as I found this Rose copper and gold striped ribbon, I knew I loved it and was going to tie it with the red velvet as one piece, used as the bow on top of my tree.

From there I started my ornament hunt. To add whimsical flare, I opted for different sized large-medium-small red ornaments. I picked large solid ones for the classic look, and sparkly ones to add the touch of glam. The medium red ones I found either have different texture or shape to create interest. I am obsessed with the red and white polka dot medium sized ones I found as I know that adds that fun whimsical element. To gain classical charm, I opted for staggered large white glittery snowflakes, and different sized white ornaments. This tied in nicely by staggering with the sparkly-glam rose gold and blush pink ornaments. A tip is to stagger different sizes and colors next to each other, like I've done here. Last but not least for that touch of luxe personality...the Blush pink velvet poinsettias. I also used the leftover ribbon to tie bows around the presents under the tree. I think it brings it all together and beuatiful wrapping paper adds for that extra wow factor under the tree.

So there you have it! I love the way it turned out because I followed my heart and used what I loved-what inspired me. Many may judge and say pink and red don't go together but I would disagree. To me they are like fire and ice. That perfect combo that when put together, is pure magic! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear from you all! Merry Christmas, and whatever you decide to do with your tree this year, do what you love and enjoy it!

PS- I found the stockings from Michael's and the pre-lit garland from HomeGoods, if you're wondering!


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