The Gift of Joy

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Delights the Soul

If there’s one thing my husband Mark and I have learned this year, as it was unexpectedly tough with Mark being diagnosed with Lymphoma early in the year and battling that Cancer, is that it is so important to find joy. To find joy in the small and sacred moments of life is something to be cherished and relished in. We’ve learned to let go of anyone and anything that brings negativity to life as life truly is too short to let anything or anyone be a thief of your joy.

We are overjoyed that Mark beat cancer in August and that 2018 is soon to be in the past, having taught us many valuable lessons. We’re looking forward to a fresh start, and continue to seek out the simplicity of occurrences that bring us joy!

To me, I’ve always found it so fascinating how a simple song, scent or place that comes about unexpectedly can instantly flash us back in time to a sacred memory. The power of scent can transform your mood instantly. Think about the scent of your moms home made pasta sauce, your grandmother’s floral perfume, your grandpop’s cherry tobacco smoke scent on his coat, a brand new car, the cologne your high school sweet heart wore. I bet when you pass a stranger in a shopping mall with that scent, you instantly think of that old special someone. Or how about how a puppy travels home with it’s new parents usually with a toy or blanket that has the scent of their mother.

You see, scent has the power to calm and awaken the mind, body and soul, which is why the gift of a fragrance that delights is the perfect gift this season. It’s because it’s something more than a simple scent. It’s a feeling. And right now, that feeling is joy - greeting you with the vibrant scent of flowers, citrus and silky smooth sandalwood.

May you continue to find joy, however it presents itself during the hustle and bustle of this busy season.

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Photography by Carolina Montes, Montes Digital Consulting

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