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Hello Loves,

Have you ever felt passionate about pursuing something, but for some reason or another you just don’t? Maybe you’ve somewhat struggled with the pressure of complying with societal indicated timelines of how you should live your life. Or have you ever had so many exciting, life changing events fluttering all around you, maybe even happening to YOU, that things have plain and simple just become overwhelming when they should be nothing but glorious and exciting!? Sounding familiar...keep reading.

Welcome to my world. I’m Jessica and I live for Modern Thrills from Retro Frills! I'm 31 years old, with an amazing Husband who literally just beat Cancer this August 2018 (he’s secretly superman, just sayin)!!  We met in college, married in the Victorian District of Savannah Georgia, and previously settled into our first home we built in a quaint, charming town in Florida 2 years ago. Since this last January, we decided to take a leap of Faith and move to North Carolina and we have been loving it! I love my full time job as a Molecular Sales Consultant for the Market Leading Pharmacogenomic company, because I get to help people from all different paths of life struggling with Mental Illness find the road to Mental Wellness through an insightful Genetic Test providing a personalized treatment plan. In fact, our company has helped over 1 Million individuals struggling with Mental Illness take crucial steps towards Mental Wellness and Remission. It’s an amazing feeling.

As women we are faced with many exciting opportunities and at the same time struggle with judgement or self guilt regarding societal indicated timelines and social pressures. Therefore, as a creative outlet, my previous blog "Who Is Victoria Taylor" was born, but what I've come to learn recently is this; all this time I was actually finding myself and I didn't know I was lost. I was hiding behind this pseudonym. And so Victoria Taylor - The pseudonym I used to blog through, is no more, and "Frapps & Frills" the blog was reborn. I am done hiding behind a pseudonym that subconsciously was just afraid of being vulnerable to the world. There are many layers to my identity and what makes me unique and fulfilled. Sometimes I am bold and brave and fierce (the girl inside of me I wish came out more often), other times life is painful and hard and I'm shy, vulnerable and scared. When it comes to passion, one of mine has always been fashion. Another is travel, and another yet is styling our house into a home.

The truth is, we all have fears of failing, being vulnerable by putting ourselves out there to follow our dreams, making the right choices and taking risks; but I will tell you something. Wondering if you are missing out because you didn’t take the leap of faith and follow all of your dreams and passions is far worse. We each have the ability to pursue our many passions and enjoy true success and happiness in all aspects of life, as well as touching other people's lives while doing so. And so here I am. A vulnerable, new woman here to share with you in life's down falls and triumphs. Follow along as I take on life-, it's joys, it's hard times, and it's transitioning phases of Womanhood all through representation of my personal Fashion and Lifestyle. You will see me in lots of feminine, colorful, modern styles with a retro twist! I want to empower you to live an on purpose, fulfilling lifestyle, while looking and feeling your best. I truly found myself and through it my personal style and I love that I get to share that with each of you and hope to inspire you to find yours! 

I believe in having your cake and eating it too! Know yourself and be proud of your journey. Embrace who you truly are and the multidimensional layers of your identity. Confidently pursue your passions in a fearless way. You can have it all (defined by you) and look good while doing it. You can be The Modern Woman.

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