Happy Valentines Day My Love

Rose Gold, Ruby Lips, Rosy Cheeks, Polished in Pink and Chocolates #Valentines

I just love February! With Spring scents, feminine floral fashion making an appearance again, my Birthday, and Valentines Day, it's just simply the best! And of course did I forget to mention chocolate!? If I am going to be bad and eat Chocolate, it better be darn good, and Godiva NEVER disappoints. This year Mark took me to the Godiva shop at the Mall to create my own personalized box of chocolates. It was heaven! I hope you all have a Happy Valentines with the one you love! PS- No joke the chapstick I am linking below is my new favorite as it has SPF, is moisturizing, plus has a super rich long lasting pigment, unlike others I have tried that basically go on sheer. Have fun shopping lovelys!

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