My 30th Birthday Tea Party

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My Tea Party Themed 30th Birthday

What a joy it was to have my best friends from High School, College and now join me in celebrating 30 years of life. It was truly special to get together with everyone near and far in such a fashionable, elegant setting that was so fit for me. I'm lucky to have formed and kept these relationships over the years with my friends. 

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Approaching 30, I wondered what I could do that would be different and memorable. I'm not really a party girl, so the truth is I had no interest in going out for some wild night of a celebration. Instead, I value the time I get with my close girl friends and enjoy our quality catch up sessions.

That all being said, I was inspired to throw a ladies lunch themed tea party for my 30th birthday because I actually inherited these vintage, über feminine tea sets from my Great Grandmother Pearl (I know I would have a grandmother named Pearl). The pieces are all uniquely numbered and were a part of her collection from London and Germany. Pretty cool right? I thought so.

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So you may be wondering how to re-create this dreamy setting for yourself or another's special day. So where did I start? Of course, I drew the inspiration from my Great Grandmother Pearl's tea sets, but I also found a lot of the décor pieces, extra tea pots, and finishing touches at homegoods. I looked on pinterest at ideas too and then decided to create my own version (complete with Rosé and Pink striped straws of course).

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My friend Katie actually graciously created the florals that I used in my two tea pots (that I actually found at homegoods but found one of the exact same ones on amazon and linked it in the post for you) on the dining room table. She's so talented with that stuff. I then saw on Pinterest a lot of lace and solid colored table cloths but I wanted to do something a little different and was lucky enough to find this very muted blush pink and lavender floral tablecloth by Tahari (I found the exact one on amazon and linked the exact one in this post for you). It worked because of the soft coloring and the pattern wasn't too busy to take away from the gorgeous florals of the tea cups and saucers. I then scooped up some cake stands, photo frames and a center vase from Hobby Lobby and Homegoods to complete the look. The rose gold tea light candles were from anthropologie and the rose gold 30 balloons I ordered from etsy (also linked in this post at the bottom for you).

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It all came together perfectly, and the icing on the cake was the literal cake! My super talented friend Tori of Layers of Love Cakes made the "Naked Cake" with real flowers on it and I couldn't have been happier with the look and the taste. Everyone was googly eyed over it too. I hated that I had to cut it but forgot about that pain as soon as we all took a bite of that delicousness! Anyways, I'll stop gushing on and on but I hope you have a beautiful day and that I may have inspired you to try something fun and new that you've maybe always wanted to try but were unsure of where to start. After all, we only have one life to live so you mine as well live to the fullest, and have your cake and eat it too (In Victoria Taylor's words to say the least). Cheers loves!

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