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You guys!! I can’t believe Valentines is around the corner now! This year, one of my resolutions or goals if you will, was to connect and create with more like minded women-boss babes! I have been putting that into full force the past several weeks having connected over the phone with Lauren Taylor- a YouTube personality, go-getter, gorgeous model, empowering boss babes all over the world to live their dreams! Her positive energy is contagious! I was also fortunate to connect via Instagram messenger with Lauren Cermak- a Southern beauty full of feminine style, charm, recipes and grace, of Going for Grace blog. Y’all I haven’t tried one of her soulfully southern recipe’s yet (because let’s be honest, I’m not that great in the kitchen yet), but they always look so delectable. One of these days I’m going to attempt one! Most recently though, I got to meet in person the beautiful, style and fitness Goddess Tiffany Allison of Treasures and Trails by Tiffany blog. She is a serious treat y’all and reminds me of Carrie Underwood (insert heart eye emojis)!

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Not only do I love connecting with these truly amazing women, but I love supporting these hard working, beautiful women. The best thing about it all, is they all bring such a sense of unique style and personality to the table, being unapologetic-ally themselves down to the core. The next individual I’m going to mention is no exception to that, Mrs. Julia Engel - Blogger turned fashion designer of Gal Meets Glam (say it with me now ladies, “GOALS!”). Her collection of dresses and travel photographs are so dreamy. Like, I can’t even. I love that in a space that can seem somewhat saturated or competitive, there are so many real women, who want to, and do actually build each other up. Realizing the more we support each other and succeed, the more the space we so beautifully live in, creating endless content that is romanticized by many, succeeds. Partially, we make each other’s dreams possible.

Tiffany of Treasures and Trails, and I had so much fun connecting about #Bloglife and picking each others brains on practically everything! She is such a kind hearted soul with a mission to spread kindness with each person she touches. Now that is something I truly admire and respect. We should all spread a little more kindness. I’m forever grateful to Carolina, of Montes Digital Consulting for connecting us and capturing these adorably fun moments!

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In the spirit of continuously connecting and supporting each other (because I’m not one to back down once I set some goals for myself, especially New Year’s ones), the dress I wore here is from Julia’s collection, in support of the Gal Meets Glam line- Feminine dresses that take you places. You can easily shop the look in this post.

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I hope this Valentine’s day, not only do you celebrate with the partner you love, but I hope you remember the powerful girl squad that stands behind you and your dreams, constantly encouraging you to live them. Happy Valentines/Galentines to you ladies and cheers to you gorgeous! Let’s continue to lift each other up!

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