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Sometimes I swear I was born in another decade. Pretty much anyone who knows me agrees. My husband and I recently discovered the show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Netflix and are obsessed. The fashion, cars, strollers, design elements, and honestly sometimes the slight mind frame of a simpler time, are just so appealing to me! Although I’ll take the progress we’ve made as women and my heated seats in the car!

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This dress was inspired by slight elements of fashion, style, and whit from the “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” television show. The fact that the print is literally the most adorable pooches decked out in retro sunnies and vintage scarfs, meant the dress was clearly made for me and any retro, dog loving, modern women. Call it a love affair of Vintage finds and timeless taste, or whatever you want to. Point is, this era of fashion is simply fabulous!

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To modernize the look, I paired the dress with chunky suede, strapped heels in the same peach like color of the dotted print. The elements of vintage charm come in the fine details like the large coral buttons, the silhouette flare, and the round, hat-like bag. Classic nude-pink lips, and dainty, loose curls perfect and polish this timeless look with vintage vibes and retro charm. The fit of the dress is true to size, and the price point is under $100 with quality lined fabric. Now, please excuse me while I have a moment of nostalgia in this Modcloth dress of a dreamy past decade.

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