What's Your Style Language?

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What’s your style language? Just like the five different love languages, I believe everyone has their own style language. Be it city chic with a touch of edgy, or prim and proper with a touch of glam, there are many different style languages and combinations you can have!

Finding one’s personal style for some can be a challenge and that’s the last thing I want, because dressing in the morning should not be a chore or necessity…it should be fun! So I’m sharing several tips on how you can determine your “Personal Style Language” in order to stay true to your individuality and dress for it!

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved lace, dresses, ruffles and dainty details. In fact my bridesmaids dresses while extremely elegant and classic had a little whimsical ruffled deep v cut in the back and my wedding dress pretty much had a dreamy, entirely too long, train of ruffles and glitzy hand embroidered details. To me it’s all in the details. And when you can find a beautiful detailed piece like the delicate detail crochet dress I’m wearing (pictured in this post) on a budget, it’s a double win! PS- it’s on sale right now too!

My “Personal Style Language” is a mix of modern, feminine details with retro twists. When I dress I love to provide an aesthetic of dreamy-timeless taste. Here’s my tips on how to find your language and speak it gorgeous girl.

Take out a pen and paper or use your phone notes to write down what comes to mind for you from these 5 tips.

1. Think back to what you loved in childhood, before the world told you to act and dress and think a certain way. What would you pick to wear? Dresses, or shorts? Lots of color or simple? Disney princess dresses all the way or fierce catwoman suits?

2. When you see a picture or ad campaign on-line, on the TV, a billboard or a magazine, pay attention to what draws you in. Is it the dreamy feeling it gives you, or the edgy dark vibes and color palette that pull you in?

3. What’s your dream Lifestyle? Is it relaxing casually while by the pool at your beach house, or living it up at the hottest parties in a big city? Figure out what you like and then find a way to incorporate the elements of that lifestyle into your wardrobe.

4. Listen to the music you love. What does it tell you? Does it tell you that life is better in a heart break anthem while sitting in a pick up truck sipping sweet tea? If so I’m thinking you’re a denim loving country girl. Or does it tell you life is a party, and you’re the spot light? I’m thinking that’s total Coachella vibes, and you love you some sparkle. You get the picture now right?

5. Last tip. Travel and Design. What pulls you in when designing a home, your office space, or planning a vacation? Textures? Color palettes? Delicate hand painted details? Vibrant floral wallpapers and never ending fields of flowers in color? Incorporate these elements you love into your wardrobe!

Now, combine the words you wrote down from these 5 tips. What comes up for you most frequently? That is your style language! If these 5 things didn’t speak to you to come up with your own personal combination of your style language well then shoot! Leave me a comment or send me a private message if you’re still struggling with finding your signature style. I’d love to help! Until next time…

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