How to Wear a Polka Dot Dress

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If you’ve been around on this journey with me for a while now, you know I love a good polka dot. In fact when I met my husband the first time I was wearing…you guessed it, polka dots! Don’t be afraid of the dot! You can too pull off this style in a modern, and feminine way. Here’s how.

Go for a modern silhouette in a dress. Luckily for me and my brand, Frilly details and ruffled hem lines seem to be all the talk right now among many retailers. Personally, it’s a style I’ve always loved as it adds a feminine touch to any piece. I love the ruffled hem line and lightweight loose fit of this dress.

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I wore this dress to the Biltmore over the weekend when exploring the Spring Gardens, and it was beautiful. Still slightly chilly in the morning, made it perfect to tie in this floral scarf. Leading me to tip number 2. Accessorize with a color you’ve pulled out from the dot. For me this was light pink. The scarf is very soft, with a light neutral print of flowers and the perimeter is blush pink, making it work with the dotted dress.

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Typically I would say go for something solid or plain to accessorize, but the truth is it’s 2019 and you can mix patterns and have fun with fashion. Now I wouldn’t pair this with a floral pattern jacket, that I would keep a solid color, but because the scarf is so light in color, dainty and a small piece, it works. Add in the same color of the dot in your bag in a solid print and you’ve got a Spring ready, modern polka dot look. This bag has a pretty eyelet cutout detail and I scooped up on sale for under $25. If you decide to order the dress be sure to size up one for length as it runs on the shorter side, and sizing up one didn’t make much of a difference in the wideness of the body as its meant to be flowy.


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