Happy Easter Tablescape

spring pastel tablescape.jpg
easter flower vase.JPG
easter tablescape close up.jpg
easter flowers.JPG

He is Risen!

Happy Easter everyone! Today I am showing you how to re-create this pastel Spring table-scape that is perfect for all your Spring Entertaining.

So I found most of my pieces at homegoods, and then my good dinnerware I mixed with these pastel pieces is Lenox French Perle and can be bought at most department stores like Macy's or Bloomingdale's.

Keep your eye out for anything Pastel. Pastel's are super hot this Spring, which I am absolutely loving. Detailed etched edges in dinnerware to mimic lace, or scalloped borders are also fine details to keep an eye out for.

Also Look for pretty pastel napkins in a gingham print, seersucker, or solid with some fringe or eyelet detail bordering the edge line to add that extra feminine touch.

You can shop my table-scape favorites for Spring to mix and match all right here, by clicking the product image you like below. Happy Easter, He is Risen indeed!


Spring Skirts under $50 and Skirts over $50

twirling she in polka dot skirt.jpg
polka dot skirt.jpg

Twirling in Nature's Pink Confetti

What a gorgeous Spring day here in downtown Winter Garden! This photo was actually taken on my Birthday, and I'm just now getting around to getting it on the blog. Better late than never though right?

Today, I'm sharing details to this outfit, including this adorably classic, navy polka dot skirt. It's a fit and flare style, cinching in the waist with a little bow tie to top it off! I've also added some additional options that have totally caught my eye and are right on trend for Spring. Icing on the cake? I've categorized my favorites all under $50 and the ones that are also splurge worthy so you're welcome!

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Is it a Dress or a Romper

romper dress.jpg
spring romper.jpg
romper under 50.jpg
floral ruffle romper.jpg

Rompin' around

You guys! I found the perfect romper for Spring that you can dress up or down! It looks like a cute little dress, with a layered ruffle hemline, but is actually a practical romper with shorts underneath - making this look cute and practical for a day out and about paired with flats or a girls night paired with heels. The back is a pretty criss-cross design too!

criss cross back floral romper.jpg

I love where I live because there are so many picturesque spots to just stop and enjoy the day, read a good book, and/or people watch (I did a little of both lol). Happy Friday friends!

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Fits true to size at just $50

red dress boutique floral romper.jpg

Special Moments with Picnic Time

picnic ted baker dress.jpg
ted baker picnic dress.jpg
picnic basket classic modern.jpg
Picnic Time Romance picnic basket.jpg
picnic time romance basket.JPG
picnic in the park.jpg

Classic Picnic Style Meets Modern Day

Ever since the news of Mark's cancer, we've been trying to slow down a bit and truly appreciate each moment together. Sometimes, as humans of this generation we get caught up in a fast paced lifestyle, but it's so important to take time for yourself and appreciate the special daily moments of life.

This "Romance Picnic Basket" by Picnic Time, with the cutest watermelon print interior and accessories, was the perfect way to set the mood for a Saturday afternoon picnic. It has all the modern day essentials we would want, like wine glasses, napkins, plates, bottle opener, utensils...the whole nine yards basically, but all neatly packed up in this classic basket so you would never know it.

We truly enjoyed our day together and I hope this has inspired you to create time for your loved one in your busy schedules. You never know what your future holds, and it was nice to relax and enjoy this beautiful day together. It's easy and relatively inexpensive in comparison with other activities (cancer is EXPENSIVE y'all) to re-create a day date like this. I'll share the details on where you can scoop up your own picnic basket like this one, below here in this post. Have a beautiful day friends.

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Confessions - The Big C

cherry blossom cancer confession.jpg
cherry blossom lovepop card.jpg

Our Confessions

Hey guys. Today is a day of truth and to be honest, this isn't going to be easy. My husband and I debated over how, when and if we wanted to share what I am about to tell you. It's also not an easy decision, but I share with you guys glimpse's of my world, big moments and small, and it's important to my character and authenticity with you all, that you know my life is real just like yours and everything is most definitely not always sunshine and roses (which social media can often lead so many people to believe otherwise). That being said, you will see my husband Mark pop up every now and then on my Instagram feed, but he's also the main man behind my photographs and very supportive of my blog. He is my world and I'm lucky to be his wife. Life has definitely thrown us a big curve ball recently, so I encourage you to read on, but at your own will.

Unfortunately I wish I could say the big "C" in this case were the pretty Cherry Blossom's in this beautiful LovePop Birthday card from Mark. This next sentence is such a struggle and I think I deleted it, unsure of how to word it, like a hundred times. So I'm just going to come out and say it bluntly. The big "C" does stand for Cancer. There's no eloquent or other way to put it. My husband Mark was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma (Cancer of the lymphatic system) on February 21st and so it began. And before I go on, I want to make clear the reasons why we decided to share this news with you all.

1. We believe in the power of prayer. God is good and we will make it through this with a whole new perspective and gratitude towards life. 2. We believe we are stronger together and should show each other more kindness, as you never really know what's going on in someone Else's life. And 3. If our journey can touch, inspire, or encourage any of you who may be going through this or something similar, then I would want that for you. It's nice to be able to connect over similarities and feel related to, and I can't thank you enough already for those of you who have known, for your overwhelming love and support. It's truly amazing how tragedy can bring people from all over the world together. I'm so grateful to have connected with you all and I again am so humbled and thankful for your support through this difficult time in our lives.

So you're probably wondering how it happened, what is next for us, and what is the relevance of the Cherry Blossoms. I'll start with how it happened and what we've found out since.

Right after Christmas we both got sick with a cold and were on the tail end of it when we left the first week of January for Park City Utah. While out there, Mark noticed a swollen lymph node on his neck and I, having had one after being sick in the past, assured him it was probably from being sick and if when we got back it wasn't gone, he should see a doctor for antibiotics and it would go away. To be honest, our schedules are crazy and when we got back we both kind of forgot about that conversation until about a week later when the lymph node grew and started to give him pain. We immediately got in with our doctor and she prescribed him antibiotics. Unfortunately after a week of strong medication, not only was it worse, but others were starting to appear in his neck and collar bone area. They were quite painful too, he will tell you. His doctor immediately took precaution and ordered an MRI, CT scan, bloodwork and sent him to an ENT specialist. From those results showing their were no viral infections, and there were some swollen ones in his upper chest, that all signs and his symptoms were pointing towards lymphoma. We were stunned to say the least. This definitely couldn't be right. After all we are relatively healthy 30 year olds, who may indulge in pizza a little too often given our Italian heritage, but I mean c'mon, right?! This can't be happening to us. Wrong!

It all puts things sort of into perspective for us. Me being the control freak that I am, and my husband possibly thinking he's more invincible than he really is, God had a wake up call for us. We are not fully in control and tomorrow is never promised. Even though as humans, we know and understand to not take things, people or life for granted, we all too often get comfortable in our lives and just when you get too comfortable, things are snapped back into reality and you're put in your place. So here we stand. But we stand with a choice. To let this defeat us and bring us down, or to stay positive and make it through this stronger together. We've chosen to be positive and proactive in treatment and faith, although I know there will be days and times where it is easier said then done. I'm not sure if its quite fully hit us just yet actually, but we are doing the best we can to prepare and persevere.

So what's next for us. The good news is, although Hodgkin Lymphoma is cancer of the lymphatic system and Mark seems to have a lot of enlarged, infected lymph nodes, the cancer is indeed curable. The cure rates are extremely high. So we have accepted that life will be interrupted and brutal during the next 6 months of treatment, but after that we will celebrate him being cancer free. We have to stay strong and positive. He will be doing chemo therapy every two weeks for 6 months and side effects can be nausea and definitely fatigue with hair thinning to hair loss. Again, the good news is, once it is over everything goes back to normal. So many thoughts have crossed our heads though over the past weeks, believe me. Again staying positive, on another note, one of our friends went through the exact same thing at this age 5 years ago now and we are going to the same wonderful doctors that she did. She has been cancer free now for years and has a healthy child. Again, reassuring us that we are in good hands, and with a strong support team, we will make it through this. 

Leading me to my next topic. Boy oh boy did we have big plans for travel this year, Europe, more specifically Paris finallyyyy, included. I don't think we will be doing much if any travel, at least not by air during this treatment time, which will also be a big change for us as we have caught quite the travel bug and wanted to get some big places knocked off the list this year, prior to children. Again, God has a way of reminding me, we are not in total control here. So on top of getting this news, I also just had my 30th birthday. My husband being the sweet, caring man that he is got me this beautiful LovePop card that we actually learned of from watching Shark tank. I mentioned how beautiful I thought the cards were and he took mental note and surprised me with one on my birthday this year (some of you may have saw it on my Insta stories). It brought me to tears because the card is of a Cherry Blossom tree, which has been on the bucket list to go see them this year in D.C. He wrote in the card "Why go to D.C. when we have the Cherry Blossom's here with us". And of course I lost it like a little baby because the gesture was just so pure and sweet and again reminds me life is all about your perspective. I'm doubting we will make it to see them in person this year, although you never know. What's important is that I have what is most important to me right here with me. Mark.

Now that you know, I will do my best to provide updates throughout this crazy journey of life and again thank you so so much for the love, prayers, support and kindness. It truly means so much at a time like this.




Spring Wish List

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Victoria's Spring Boutique

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Florals, Two Piece Sets, Lace, Fruit, Ruffles & Frills, Picnic Totes & Straw Baskets, Gingham, Retro Chic Swim & Sunnies, Wedges, Statement Earrings, Pink Lips, Bold Yellow, Powder Blue, & Blush Pink

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My 30th Birthday Tea Party

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tea party tiffany blue kettle.jpg
tea party table ideas.jpg

My Tea Party Themed 30th Birthday

What a joy it was to have my best friends from High School, College and now join me in celebrating 30 years of life. It was truly special to get together with everyone near and far in such a fashionable, elegant setting that was so fit for me. I'm lucky to have formed and kept these relationships over the years with my friends. 

tea party candidly kicking it.jpg
tea party set up.jpg
tea party ideas.jpg
tea party tea time.jpg

Approaching 30, I wondered what I could do that would be different and memorable. I'm not really a party girl, so the truth is I had no interest in going out for some wild night of a celebration. Instead, I value the time I get with my close girl friends and enjoy our quality catch up sessions.

That all being said, I was inspired to throw a ladies lunch themed tea party for my 30th birthday because I actually inherited these vintage, über feminine tea sets from my Great Grandmother Pearl (I know I would have a grandmother named Pearl). The pieces are all uniquely numbered and were a part of her collection from London and Germany. Pretty cool right? I thought so.

tea party tea pot flower vase.jpg
tea party vintage pots and tea sets.jpg

So you may be wondering how to re-create this dreamy setting for yourself or another's special day. So where did I start? Of course, I drew the inspiration from my Great Grandmother Pearl's tea sets, but I also found a lot of the décor pieces, extra tea pots, and finishing touches at homegoods. I looked on pinterest at ideas too and then decided to create my own version (complete with Rosé and Pink striped straws of course).

tea party rose toast.jpg

My friend Katie actually graciously created the florals that I used in my two tea pots (that I actually found at homegoods but found one of the exact same ones on amazon and linked it in the post for you) on the dining room table. She's so talented with that stuff. I then saw on Pinterest a lot of lace and solid colored table cloths but I wanted to do something a little different and was lucky enough to find this very muted blush pink and lavender floral tablecloth by Tahari (I found the exact one on amazon and linked the exact one in this post for you). It worked because of the soft coloring and the pattern wasn't too busy to take away from the gorgeous florals of the tea cups and saucers. I then scooped up some cake stands, photo frames and a center vase from Hobby Lobby and Homegoods to complete the look. The rose gold tea light candles were from anthropologie and the rose gold 30 balloons I ordered from etsy (also linked in this post at the bottom for you).

tea party centerpiece.jpg
tea party dresses.jpg
tea party rose gold 30th baloons.jpg
tea party naked cake display.JPG

It all came together perfectly, and the icing on the cake was the literal cake! My super talented friend Tori of Layers of Love Cakes made the "Naked Cake" with real flowers on it and I couldn't have been happier with the look and the taste. Everyone was googly eyed over it too. I hated that I had to cut it but forgot about that pain as soon as we all took a bite of that delicousness! Anyways, I'll stop gushing on and on but I hope you have a beautiful day and that I may have inspired you to try something fun and new that you've maybe always wanted to try but were unsure of where to start. After all, we only have one life to live so you mine as well live to the fullest, and have your cake and eat it too (In Victoria Taylor's words to say the least). Cheers loves!

tea party dress.jpg
tea party cheers.jpg
tea party themed 30th.jpg
tea party rose centerpiece.jpg
tea party vintage cups and saucers.jpg

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For the Love of Lemons

lemon flowers.jpg
lilly pulitzer and lemon vases.jpg
lemon vase florals.JPG

Lemon Vase Tutorial for Spring

So I love interior décor and I am always browsing pinterest and home decorating magazines for design inspo. I enjoy changing out our home décor with the seasons. I was struggling with what to do for Spring and we recently visited our friends home and they had used Lemons in similar clear vases as décor on the kitchen island. For me though just having the clear vase with the faux lemons was a little to simple and reminded me more of summer time. I wanted to add some southern charm and glamour to the kitchen without being too over the top feminine.

So what did I do? I went to Hobby Lobby of course as they are constantly getting in new items for the season and typically put their seasonal decorations on sale for 50% off and you can use a 40% off coupon from their website on anything that is not on sale.I stumbled across these beautiful peach, blush and yellow faux florals and the idea instantly came to me. I'm going to do the lemon filled vase with some burlap lace and these blooms in the middle. And walaa, they turned out beautiful. There you have it!

So to start I picked up the two clear cylinder vases at hobby lobby, and they also had the bags of faux lemons that actually look very real. The trick is you have to find fruit that looks real or it will just look cheap and cheesy. I had to use three bags of 6 lemons per bag in each cylinder vase. so all together I used 6 bags of lemons for the two. Then I scooped up the lace and beautiful florals. I trimmed them so they would sit at a good height and used a hot glue gun for the burlap lace ribbon around each. I think the flowers and lace just add that extra charm for the blooming spring season. They also match my yellow Le Creuset cooker that I like to leave out on the gas range this time of year with my Lilly Pulitzer seasonal cook book.

Let me know if you have any questions or re-create this look! Would love to see!

The Ultimate Spring Sundress

show me your mumu spring dress.jpg
bloomingdales high low spring dress.jpg

Spring Blooms Sundress

Ok seriously y'all this dress is a DREAM! I feel like I'm walking on clouds in it. It's so happy and airy, made of a lightweight pink floral print fabric. I think they are daisy's on it. Who doesn't love a Daisy right?! Shopping at Bloomingdale's this past week just made me smile the entire time because they have so many gorgeous new arrivals for the Spring season. From florals, to beautiful pastels, high-low hems, long dresses, short fit and flare sundresses, chambray and stripes, off the shoulder bell sleeve embroidered dresses, ruffles and bows, to fine scallop details and lace...it's all screaming my name and soo Spring! Get ready for the good stuff guys. Spring is in full Bloom at Bloomies :)

daisy spring dress.jpg

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Spring Refresh for Valentines

victoria emerson bracelet.jpg
Smell the rose doormat.jpg
roses in water can.JPG
spring front porch.JPG
victoria emerson jewlery.JPG

Spring Charm on Valentines with Victoria Emerson

Happy Valentines my beautiful friends!! Today I am bringing on Spring! I'm in full Spring refresh mode this week, starting with my accessories and front porch! I love redecorating and changing out my wardrobe with the seasons and holiday. For me, at times, change can be rejuvenating and full of adventure. I'm loving everything pink, glam and ultra feminine right now, if you can't tell. So I'm sharing all my über romantic, girly Spring refresh details with you today. :) Enjoy the Valentines treat. XOXO

**Front Porch Décor Details**

Leo Buffalo Plaid Doormat// Smell the Rosé Coco doormat// Pink Tulip Door Swag// Vertical Wreath Hanger //  Black Luciana Outdoor Swing// Zoey Urn // Peony Pink Ribbon // Nantucket Tall Tapered Planter // Nantucket Square Planter//

**Outfit Details**


Beach Bound with Blooms and Bows

Lauren James Bow Sundress.jpg
Bow Back Pink Dress.jpg

Life is Better in Lauren James

Beaches, Blooms and Bows...oh my! Darlin' it doesn't get any better than this fit and flare rosey Lauren James sundress! Spring has made its early debut in the Sunshine State and I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day, than on a day date to the beach with my hubby. With Valentines around the corner, it was so nice to escape for a Romantic Beach getaway in Clearwater.

This LJ dress made the day even more picturesque with it's southern belle, feminine flare. It comes in a gorgeous seersucker print too and multiple colors. I'm wearing a size small (which is true to my size) and it fit perfect! It's time we stop more to smell the roses and soak up the sunshine. Life is short, and I hope what I've shared today has put a smile on your face, and inspired your next adventure. May it be a stylish one, of course!

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Spring Refresh With Marley Lilly


Personalized Purchases with Marley Lilly

So if any of y'all are currently in search of a special monogrammed gift or even a bridesmaid or baby shower gift, look no further than Marley Lilly. They have the cutest stuff that is all personalized with a monogram in the font of your choice. From the cutest printed make-up bags, to tote bags and travel accessories, to pullover's, vest's, sweaters, dresses, and even adorable ballet flats and rain boots...they've seriously got it all and in the cutest colors and patterns. Here's a little preview of some of the items from my order, and I am linking some of my favorite products of theirs below for you to get your shop on. You're welcome friends! PS-Most of their winter stuff is on sale to make way for all of these gorgeous Spring arrivals that I'm also sharing with you guys below!



**My Product Details Here**

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Springin' into it with Kate Spade


Kate Spade NY Grid Dot Flounce Dress

Hi friends! I've been a bit MIA on here this past month and I'm sorry for that! After the Holidays I kind of just needed to catch up on some family time and personal R and R if you know what I mean. But I'm glad to be back and looking ahead to Sunnier days! It's a fresh new year which means a fresh new start for us all. What better way to kick off my first post of 2018 than in this ADORABLE Kate Spade NY flounce dress. The name really does capture the essence of this little ensemble. It's classic and feminine and going to be on repeat in my wardrobe this Sunny Spring.

Living in Florida, I can feel Spring is just around the corner and with it I'm already starting to brake out my favorite seasonal wardrobe staples. Stay tuned for more my friends but for now that's all I got! Oh and who else is rooting for Arie to find true love this season on the Bachelor?! I'm so glad ABC picked him. I can't lie, I've been reading some spoilers though and am not sure how I feel about it all. I'll leave you with that...

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Rosey Tops and Timepieces

Rosey life for the win

Hi you guys!! So I just can NOT get enough of this beautiful bell sleeve Lucy Paris blouse I recently scooped up. I am obsessed with the frilly bell sleeves and the pretty floral details all over it. Plus its a shorter length, making it easier to tuck into the front of your gorgeous new denim jeans or shorts. Dress it up or down. It fits true to size as I am wearing a size small. It's not short enough to be a crop top, so you can wear it un-tucked if you prefer.

As if this wasn't already amazing, you can also snag my rose gold "Movement For Her" detailed watch with code whoisvictoriataylor15 for $15 off yours--And it's already currently on sale!! I've been wearing mine on repeat this Summer as its so pretty and the mesh strap is adjustable for swelling wrists in the Summer heat.

Last but not least, two things. Major trend heading into the fall season are jeans with step hems, unique details, or cut/frayed hemlines. I'm pretty sure it's to show off all of the gorgeous newly released ankle booties this season, but regardless I am obsessed. Aaanndd...my heels are on major sale! You're welcome!

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Reflecting On A Very Happy Moment

Taking Time with #Timex

I've teamed up with Timex this year to commit to being present in life's special moments, whether big or small. The older we get the more I realize how important it is to take time out of each and every day to enjoy your life and thank God for your many blessings. To take time to enjoy what you've worked so hard for, to relish in one's success, to humbly allow yourself to be happy and grateful. Trust me, sometimes it is easier said than done. Honestly, being present in the moment isn't always the easiest thing for me as I am constantly multi-tasking or daydreaming of my next big adventure/project. I guess that's called having a creative mind and an entrepreneurial spirit to then take action towards accomplishing my daydream. But what I have come to continuously realize is this. What is it all for if you don't take the time to enjoy it? It being whatever is important to you and applicable to your present life. So that all being said, I've decided to take time. Recently I have been taking more time to reflect and enjoy our new front porch at our new home that we finally finished building after a year. It's beautiful and we always have a great breeze. The wait was definitely worth it! I sometimes catch myself thinking, oh I will go outside and sit on the porch, but just in a little bit after I finish this...or I will do that, plan this, watch that, eventually after (blank) is done. Although I believe timing is everything in life and you have to have your priorities straight, time is never guaranteed. After reading this, I hope you are inspired to do, to go, to watch, to plan, to risk, to seek, to fall, to act, to speak, to pray, to rise above, to take on, whatever it is that you have been holding yourself back from, because time is never promised. So preciously Take Time.

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Photographys Via the Lovely Katelynn Carlson Photography

Crop Tops and Cute Skirts

The Perfect Pairing #TwoPeasInAPod

I think one of my favorite styles right now has got to be a full fit and flare feminine skirt with a cute crop top! Seriously, the combo of the both are like two peas in a pod for me. Below are two of my current favorites for Spring and Summer. I wore this cute chic checkered peach color one for a picnic in the park. Ok I almost forgot to mention my adorable wine and cheese picnic basket that comes complete with wine glasses, cheese knife and tray and a wine opener with a place to store two wine bottles on the back. I am Trying more to enjoy life's little moments and gorgeous days like these more and more often. Happy Shopping my outfit details below and have a Lovely rest of your week darlings!

Outfit Details Here:

Photographs via the lovely Katelynn Carlson Photography


How To Trend Up Your Work Wardrobe

Without Going Too Far #LTKStyleTip

Style Tip 1.

Instead of picking your go to blouse, pair a fun floral pencil skirt with a casual T-shirt. Tie the T-shirt in a side knot instead of tucking in for an on trend, yet still polished look.

Style Tip 2.

Pick a bright floral print instead of a solid color for your Pencil Skirt, Pants or Sundress so your outfit matches the blooming Spring Season and Bright Personality!

Style Tip 3.

If you opt for a Floral Sundress, make it classic and work appropriate by adding a cardigan draped over your shoulders like this black and white striped one linked below. Stripes are on trend, black and white is always a classic polished look, while the green collar ties in the color of the pretty dress.

Style Tip 4.

Add a pop of color in your earrings but keep them small so its not over-kill.

Linking My favorite On Trend Spring "Wear to Work" details including what I wore below AND MOST OF ITS ALL ON SALE!!!



The Iconic Palm Print

It's A Thing #Trending

I love this iconic print and as we head into Summer soon you will begin seeing more and more of it. It's a timeless print that's simple and says, Vacation I'm fashionably ready for you. In honor of this iconic print and my Florida Lifestyle, I am linking some of my favorite dresses, rompers and more of this pattern {As well as my fun accessories}. Happy shopping!

Outfit Details and More Here:

Baby Blue Gingham

With Pom Poms and Flamingo's too! #FlamingoEmoji

How cute is this Gingham Pom Pom top for Spring weather?! AND ITS ON SALE under $100 (Click Here to shop it) !! #LTKSaleAlert :) And I got so many compliments and questions where to get these cute flamingo espadrilles (Click Here and Here to shop exact ones)! Search No more, I am linking everything for you also below. Size up one in the Espadrilles as they fit a bit snug initially, especially in the warmer weather. Also linking my favorite Rose gold CZ studs (Click Here) from Henri Bendel. The quality and sparkle of these are why they're my fave. Happy Spring Shopping!

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ShopBop Sale Alert

Your #NeedNows of the Season on Major Sale

I love shopping at shopbop because they have such an amazing selection in all different designers and price ranges, and if you have amazon prime you also get free two day shipping!! I'm linking some of my favorite Beach Tote's and Espadrilles included in the sale of the season for you below! Happy Shopping my loves!

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