Pre-Fall Floral Dress

And this jcrew dress is giving me all those 70s fashion vibes! Y’all can you believe we already had some 60 degree temps this weekend here in North Carolina? Fall is on it’s way and I’m totally ok with it! Are you dreading Summers end or are we on the same page here with the excitement for Falls debut? I’ve even noticed some of our trees have started to slowly change and I keep thinking, so that’s what seasons are like…Anyhow, it brings on the dilemma of…

One Top Styled Two Different Ways for Work

Let me just start by saying everything I’m wearing is on Summer Sale and if you’re looking to add two classic staple pieces to your Summer Work Wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with some crop wide leg pants (shown in first photo), and the pleated skirt (like what I’m wearing in the second photo). Add in a neutral blouse with feminine details like the ruffle on the collar, and some classic nude pumps with a twist, like the scalloped edge, and you’ve got a feminine, timeless yet modern work look on a budget…

The Best Modern Southern Belle Sundresses

There’s nothing like a Southern Summer Belle Dress, especially while in Charleston, SC. My faaavorite city for so many reasons! One being the style. It’s timeless and beautiful with lots of traditional southern elements like the pretty pastel colors and lots of blue and white. Whether it’s on the buildings or houses on rainbow row, in the dinnerware, or better yet in the fashion. The details are beautiful, timeless and oh so charming. So in the spirit of the Southern Belle and our recent escape to one of the most charming towns in the South, I’ve rounded up the best Southern Belle Sundresses, perfect for the modern southern woman. Including this gorgeous blue and white dress on sale with an extra 20% off at Anthropologie now, that I’m wearing here…

A Summer Dress and Dog Friendly Places in Charleston

Gone are the days of leaving Fido at home. In fact I’ve actually used a company called Bring Fido to find and reserve pet friendly hotels easily! Traveling with your pet seems to be the new cultural norm and I’m not going to lie, being a fur mama myself, I’m totally ok with it! Mark and I love visiting Charleston, and now Archie loves it too! Charleston is a great place to travel with your furry friend. In fact lots of the shops on King St. even place a water bowl out front for your beloved fur baby while shopping. This is one pet friendly city partly because there’s so much to see just by walking around the public parks, old cobblestone streets and neighborhoods. So if you’re planning a trip and want to bring the four legged member of your family, you’ll love today’s post because I’m dishing you up all the dog friendly dining and my favorite places to stay that are pup friendly while in Charleston. Grab your furry friend and let’s go! …

Rainbow Maxi Dress and How to Rock this Colorful Trend

I don’t know about you but I can’t help feeling giddy when I see colorful fashion. It’s like an instant mood boost. So give me all the rainbow prints (like this under $60 maxi dress) you can find this Summer. Lucky for me (and you if we’re on the same page like I suspect we are), pastels and rainbow brights are not going anywhere in fashion anytime soon. Keep reading for some tips on rocking the rainbow this Summer…

The Mature On Trend Romper

Hey Ladies! Let’s talk rompers for a second! They are one of my go to’s for Summer time for a more relaxed yet still stylish look, over a much more casual and less put together jean shorts and top. Am I the only one here, but at 31 years old don’t you just hate it when a romper 1. is riding up, 2. barely covers your butt, or 3. is just too much like a beach swimsuit cover up? Enough said…

Charming Two Piece Summer Set in Virginia Beach

Hello my loves!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July a couple weeks ago. I can’t believe we are already half way through this year. One of my goals this year was to travel more, which is another reason moving to North Carolina was so enticing to us. We are so centrally located to visit so many beautiful places by car or plane.

This year for the fourth we were fortunate enough to travel to the Cavalier Virginia Beach historic hotel and beach club. This town…

The top 4 Espadrilles You Need in Your Summer Closet

These Espadrilles are your ticket to a classic Summer look and then some. Not your average espadrilles, my favorites (pictured in this post) have a ruffled, frilly detail on the top layer of the shoe. It’s the perfect blue-grey color to compliment almost any outfit, but also comes in two additional colors.

Don’t quote me on this, but I am pretty sure the wedge espadrille that comes in all kinds of colors, is the same style Kate Middleton has been …

A Southern Summer Garden Party

It’s not every day that you get to spend time with beautiful, like minded Southern women that you meet on Instagram. I had the opportunity recently to do just that with Lauren Cermak of Going For Grace, and Emily Wilkinson of Life With Emily, while enjoying an afternoon on the front porch at the historic McAlister-Leftwich home, and everything about it was just a true delight. The day left me feeling super grateful for the new friendships forming over sweet treats, laughs and drinks at the dinner table. Let’s not forget every dainty, darling detail and the gorgeous Draper James Summer collection dresses we each wore. Just right for a Southern affair…

Two White Outfits Perfect for Fourth of July

This past weekend my husband and I were so lucky to have to opportunity to take a little staycation to the Carolina Inn, about an hour away from where we live. This place is dripping in Southern Charm y’all, from the timeless wallpaper and glimmering chandeliers, to the bath towels folded in the shape of a bow, no detail is left forgotten. It’s a true Southern Girl’s delight! Don’t even get me started on the Gourmet Southern cuisine we had for dinner at Crossroads. Just make sure you get the biscuits with honey butter and the Caramel Apple Buckle dessert- a Fall item but was so popular they decided to leave it on the menu year round. It was worth every sugary calorie, needless to say. We so enjoyed our stay here! Now onto these fabulous fashionable looks for the Fourth…

Summer Wedding Guest Series

Heading out to a friend's outdoor picturesque enchanted garden wedding? This dress is perfect as the material is luxurious yet lightweight. Flowing perfectly in a mid Summer's night breeze. Yellow is also a major color of the season and just makes me happy. Paired with my pastel rainbow hue chunky heels adds a little pop of personality and that wow factor. Because of where the dress falls, just at the ankles, you'll want to have some statement shoes that…

Vacay Ready Straw Bags of Summer

vacay ready straw totes.jpg

My Favorite Straw Totes for a Summer Getaway

These are the bags that have completely stolen my heart this Summer. They're either in my closet or on my wish fact may be adding some to cart as we speak for my upcoming Bahama's vacation.

There are just so many whimsical and colorful ones this Summer to choose from but I've narrowed it down to 25 of my favorite picks. In a perfect world we'd have them all right, but reality check...not going to happen! Honestly you can't go wrong with any of these. I've mixed in some budget friendly finds with some splurge worthy staples. I hope you have a beautiful Summer and enjoy your vacay just a 'straw' extra with one of these bags on tote! :)

A tribute to Kate Spade

colorful kate spade dress.JPG
kate spade tribute photo.JPG

Mental Health, Cancer, Kate Spade, Work-Wear and how it all relates

Hi guys!! Today I am giving the largest presentation I've ever done in my life. And I am sooooo nervous!! Mainly because I want it to be super impactful and also not completely black out up there and forget everything I wanted to say. Not to mention, it can absolutely effect my professional career and is on a stage, with bright lights, a microphone, monitors, and in front of the President, Vice President, CEO, and basically the entire company...all 200+ people. Yeah no big deal. Time to Sink or Swim Jessica!

I decided to do this presentation though because I am always preaching to you all to live an on purpose life, be the best you can be and to embrace your fears for personal development and to change other people's lives. So I figured I better practice what I preach!

I also realized that through the recent challenges that Mark and I have had to face through his diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma, I have a unique story and empowering moral I can share with you all. I'll talk about this more in my presentation, which I may or may not share some on my Insta stories with you all so stay tuned...but I'd like to make the rather bold statement that struggling with a mental illness like depression can be just as life threatening as struggling to beat cancer. As we've seen with recent tragedies like Kate Spade.

Kate Spade is someone who apparently struggled with depression and possibly health care professionals for some odd 5 years. She is someone I look up to as a fashion Icon, Inspiration and role model, who seemed to have a beautiful life, beautiful clothes, and nothing but success and happiness at her fingertips. I know the news of her tragic death took the world by surprise. Especially being her brand is boasting with happiness, color, and modern-retro, fun flare! It was such a shock and sad day to learn what happened to her. We need to start recognizing Mental health more in this world and giving it the attention it deserves while working harder to detach the stigma that's associated with a mental illness.

I say all of this as it relates to my professional career and the urgency I will talk about creating within these clinics to change their habits and to change them now.  I everyday am empowering Psychiatrist's with the knowledge that a personalized approach to treatment does exist in this modern world, and to embrace this genetic test and use it as a super-hero like power to help get many of their patients into remission sooner than ever before. It truly is a game changer to the ever complex field of mental health and treatment options. It's so important to get them to change their habits by embracing and utilizing genetic insight in their practice now, not ten years from now. Hope does exist through a Genetically guided treatment and the many other parts that go into treating a mental illness.

In honor of Kate Spade, her beautiful legacy, and tragic loss to this world, I will be wearing all Kate Spade dresses during the work week at our National Sales Meeting. In fact I will be giving my presentation in one of her fabulous dresses. I think it will be the good luck charm and peace I need to get through this presentation. ----> Update - It worked!!

I want all of you working women out there to be inspired and to also know that you can dress designer (like Kate Spade) to work on a budget! I signed up for the Rent the Runway "Update" program as they are running a discount when you sign up and can cancel at any time. Basically for $80 a month I get to choose four outfits and send them back a month later. That's one new work outfit a week, which in the interim I can utilize the staple work pieces I have built up in my wardrobe for the other days of the week. I love having this affordable option without having to pay the hefty price tag to own the dress and use it limitedly. My work-wear is always fresh and lively now thanks to this Rent the Runway option. They have other options and ways to rent which you can check out on their website here.

Thank you for wishing me luck on this presentation and please know that you are not alone if you are struggling with depression or a mental health concern. Know that you can get the help you need to get better, feel better, and live an on purpose life. I hope you all have an inspired and lovely rest of your week!

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Summer Statement Earrings

Summer earrings flamingos.jpg
summer earrings sea shells.jpg
Summer Earrings Yellow.jpg
Summer Earrings Pink Tassels.jpg
Summer earrings pink baubles.jpg
Blue statement earrings.JPG

Earrings that will surely make a statement this Summer

And most of them are under $50!

**Shop my favorites as seen on me here**

Polka Dots for Days

retro coca cola outfit.jpeg
polka dot outfit combo.JPG

Retro Polka Dot Coca Cola Combo

I am and have always been in love with polka dots! I found this little itsy bitsy two piece polka dot combo for under $20 on line and I could not resist!! Perfect for sipping some classic coke on a hot sunny, Florida day! Fit is TTS, I am wearing a small! Such a steal and pretty good quality too (the white is not see through at all).

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Red Lips & Rosey Cheeks

red lips and rosey cheeks.jpeg

Say you'll see me again...

Even if it's just pretend! So it is pretty clear I drew some inspiration from my fave T- Swift for this styled shoot! I seriously had so much fun taking these pictures with my dad's airplane (you can see some behind the scenes footage on my Instagram Story highlights titled Behind the Gram). I want to know where y'all draw inspiration from when you are in a creative mood? I find inspo in music, old fashion magazines, films, and from traveling.

I thought it would be fun to re-create a look from Taylor's video "Wildest Dreams" mainly because that music video and song are just sooo dreamy. It's shot in Africa and has that retro styled fashion that is so true to my personal style. Also slightly because my dad is a pilot and we actually have an airplane!

wildest dreams.jpeg
gracie and airplane.jpeg

I remember as a little girl taking flights with my mom and dad and little brother in this plane. We have the ear sets that you can talk to each other through, and my dad would always say "clear" before firing up the plane's engine. He has maintained this beautiful Cessna plane all these years and the ironic thing is as I got older I became an anxious flyer. I haven't been up in his plane in years! Maybe one day I'll do it and write a post about facing your fears.

retro blue dress.jpeg
blue striped dress and plane.jpeg
taylor swift wildest dreams.jpeg

Anyways, You can shop this gorgeous, retro styled, but wayyy affordable look by clicking the product images below to be redirected to the site to shop it. The Dress is under $20 and runs a little big, I would size down one if you can. I am wearing a small here. I hope you have as much fun re-creating this look as I did!

Rainbow Striped Swimwear

Rainbow Striped Swim.JPG
Striped swim and Shell earrings.jpg
Favorite striped swim.JPG

My Favorite Rainbow Striped Swimwear for Summer

We had so much fun at my parents house over the fourth of July at the pool! We grilled out and took Archie in the pool for the first time. He was a little hesitant of the water at first but was soon a champion! I found the swimsuit I'm wearing in the pictures for under $100! I love how the pastel rainbow and striped bright colors are so in right now! If you live in Florida this time of year, survival mode is pretty much in the pool or the beach as it is soooo hot outside!

For Sizing information, I sized up one to a medium as I have a larger bust and am tall. I would definitely recommend sizing up one if you have a longer torso like me. It was a perfect fit and made a splash in the pool with my flamingo float and furry friends over the holiday!

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Retro Glam Gal in Gingham

Pink Gingham.jpg
Retro Pink Gingham Glam.JPG

Retro Pink Gingham Dress

I feel like I stepped right out of a comic book in this retro glam gingham dress and Heart eyed sunnies! Maybe Archie's comics?! (We named our red goldendoodle Archie after Archie's comics for those who don't know already.)

If you are looking for a fun, super girly dress this Summer, look no further. I will probably be wearing this adorable number again on our trip to the Bahamas soon! It took me back in time this Hot Summer afternoon, perfect for some Birthday cake Ice cream and relaxation in the sunshine.

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