I'm Walking On Sunshine {Wooah}

And Don't It Feel Good #BuildEachOtherUp

Of the many important things I've learned in life, something that has always stuck with me is that we have a CHOICE. A Choice to think negatively, or positively. To be Humble or Callous. To Embrace & Love or Attack & Hate. To see the best in someone, or assume the worst. To give the benefit of the doubt or to judge. To Own our mistakes & apologize or run from them. To turn Lemons into Lemonade, or to cry over spilled milk. You are who you surround yourself with and I choose to not only surround myself with positive, supportive, genuine individuals, but to also choose to see the good in people before assuming the worst. What I've learned is that tomorrow truly is never promised so you should feel like you really are walking on Sunshine! Every. Single. Day. Period. Sometimes it's easier said than done, as we are ALL flawed human beings but It's a CHOICE that is a reflection of our true character. Remember that Hater's will always Hate, and as Taylor says it best, I've learned to just "Shake it Off". This Bright Blue outfit has me singin' no Blues, but only seeing Sunshine. Its the perfect comfy chambray romper for a stroll around town with someone you Love while appreciating the little things in life. Wearing this ensemble while we were working on the designs of our future home at the model (BTW How cute is their porch?!) has me only dreaming of exciting things to come and thinking happy thoughts. I am so thankful for all of the love & support from my Husband, family, friends & colleagues as you continue to follow my journey.

Shop the outfit details here (Romper and Scarf on SALE, Yes!!!):

Chambray Romper // Bucket Bag (Similar Color) // Gingham Bucket Bag //  Ballet Flats // Tassel Scarf