Targeted Skin DNA Test

The Future of Skin Care is Here #TargetedSkin

If you could see how your DNA effects your skin, wouldn't you be curious? We've been using Genomic testing in many areas of healthcare to determine genetic risks, ancestry and develop more personalized treatment plans based on these results. So why not in Skin Care?! Our skin is so important, as we only have one body so it is only wise and natural to want to protect it and proactively prevent issues. The trouble is, we are bombarded with marketing and advertisements on a daily basis telling us we should be using this product to prevent wrinkles, eliminate acne, give skin a healthy glow, etc. but wouldn't it be wiser to find out genetically how our body's DNA has expressed itself, then providing you insight to whether a wrinkle cream, or brightening cream for example, would be best for you to spend your money and time on using? Maybe you are more prone to sun spotting and hyper pigmentation than others, or maybe you don't retain as much antioxidants as you should and should increase supplementation there. Maybe your skin is at a higher risk of sensitivity to certain ingredients in products or needs some assistance in firmness and elasticity. With Targeted skin, you can send in a simple cheek swab and stop wondering. You can Empower yourself with the knowledge of your skin's DNA and start utilizing a skin care routine that is completely personalized to you!!

So How does it work? You can click HERE to read more about the company and it's unique technology to provide clinical insight to your skin care routine. In essence though, you send in a swab of the cells on the inside of your cheek, it is then analyzed in the Targeted Skin Lab, and you are sent in the mail and email your results with easy explanations of what each gene means to you and the percentage category you fall into for risk of that category. The 5 categories of skin health and aging they look at are: 1. Firmness/Elasticity, 2. Sun Spotting/Pigmentation, 3. Free Radical Damage, 4. Sensitivity, and 5. Glycation. You are then given simple recommendations as per each category what you could do to start improving your skin's radiance and health. They also send you a personalized product package based on what your skin needs from the results of testing. For example in my kit, I received a Reviving Mint Cleanser, Toner, Prevent Serum, Brightening Day Moisturizer, and Brightening Night Cream. Everything is also formulated without Parabens and Gluten. I'm absolutely loving my results so far and am so happy I switched up my skin care routine based on my DNA and now have personalized plan to keep my skin looking radiant and beautiful.


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